Hipster Sex

Although there is no single defining feature of “hipster sex”, there are a lot of customs that have come about and become much more prominent in today’s society thanks to hipsters.

We figured it would be interesting to share some of the many ways that hipsters have changed the way we look at sex and how we perform sex in general.

In case you didn’t know this: hipsters love wood.

They love building furniture out of wood and making cool and interesting objects out of it.

Anything to tap into their creative side is a good use of wood.

But thanks to them, they probably re-established the concept of wood as a sex toy material.

Primarily, we are talking about the dildo, but other sex toys are admittedly included.

Yes, dildos were invented before they were even really called dildos or sex toys, including those made out of wood.

But until recently, the trend of using wood for sex toys had died down dramatically as newer and “improved” sex toy materials came into the picture such as silicone.

Hipsters brought it back though when they re-introduced the wooden dildo.

And not just any poorly made dildo.

Hipsters made dildos that were built out of the best woods available, and sanded and polished them to perfection.

And they actually did a really good job at providing sexual pleasure (so I’m told, as I’ve never personally used one of these dildos).

And with that simple act, dildos and all sorts of other sex toys were being made out of wood again – although this time perhaps with a bit more attention to detail and craftsmanship!

Another custom that hipsters brought back into the picture was the concept of the bush – i.e. the practice of leaving your pubic hair ungroomed rather than trimming, shaving or even waxing it.

Although the general consensus is that shaving and being completely hairless down there is the ideal beauty standard, it wasn’t always that way.

In fact, before the porn industry really boomed with the rise of the internet, being unshaven and unkempt was the norm.

However, hipsters have helped popularize the bush once again, focusing not just on the lack of grooming, but spinning it in a way that emphasizes the raw humanity of it all.

Rather than seeing a bush as someone who does not care about how they look sexually, hipsters created the sense that having a bush meant that you were in touch with your primal side.

So now, whenever you encounter someone in a sexual situation and they strip down to birthday suit, seeing a bush is no longer an outright turn-on, and in most cases actually signifies a unique and primal sexual drive instead.

Last but not least is how hipsters have changed the way we look at sexual relations in general.

Before the very first rise of hipster culture, people were very religious-focused, and part of that mindset meant being sexually closed off.

People were expected to be abstinent until marriage, or even for people who didn’t necessarily take it that far, they at least kept their sexual partners to one at a time.

Hipsters were able to change that mentality over time by engaging in sexual freedom.

They re-established the concept of a threesome or even an orgy to the rest of the world and as a result, people have become a lot more sexually open-minded, in all facets.

Although not every human on the world has shifted there mindset, as a whole there is a general shift in terms of how people view sex that has come about precisely because of how hipsters view sex and relationships.

And those are three ways that hipsters have changed sex culture in today’s society!