Hipster Glasses

Back when I was in school, contacts were all the rage, simply because no one liked wearing glasses out in public.

But now, it seems like kids are increasingly choosing glasses over contacts.

And the reason for this shift may very well have to do with the advent of hipster glasses.

Or at least what I perceive to be hipster glasses.

Although perhaps I wouldn’t necessarily call them hipster as much as I would simply call them cool and attractive (but that’s just me probably).

Keep reading to hear more of my thoughts on these cool and “hip” glasses.

When talking about glasses in this context, it is important to keep in mind that we are only talking about the style of glasses.

In other words, nothing to do with the prescription level for the glasses themselves or anything like that.

Now when it comes to hipster glasses, the biggest component is the frames themselves.

Hipster frames can best be described as thick.

In other words, they are much more prominent compared to other glasses.

With thicker frames, people’s attention is naturally drawn towards the eyes.

Now if you don’t have the most attractive eyes, this may not be a good thing necessarily.

However, if you do find the perfect pair of hipster glasses, they can actually make your eyes look more attractive and make you look more attractive as a result.

And obviously if you do have really nice eyes, then wearing hipster glasses to draw focus to them makes perfect sense.

Another component of hipster glasses that we haven’t talked about yet are the colors.

Obviously a more vibrant color is more noticeable than a plain brown or black color, and that is exactly the type of colors typically involved with hipster glasses.

When selecting hipster glasses, honestly the more vibrant the color the better.

However, if you pick a naturally bad color to begin with, then you will not be happy with your glasses in the end.

For example, picking a yellowish brown color (I don’t know why someone would every pick that color, but it’s possible I guess) would be a terrible idea for your glasses.

Those are the types of colors in which it is probably better that your make your frames smaller, rather than larger.

So again, just avoid those weird colors at all cost.

Pick something that is cool and in style, and you’ll be alright.

One more precaution when purchasing hipster glasses.

Yes, the frames are a big part of what makes hipster glasses so attractive, and typically it is better to have larger frames than smaller ones, but there is such a thing as going overboard on the frame sizes.

At some point, an overly large frame will no longer look cool but rather cartoonish and laughable.

And no one wants that.

If you need ideas on what sort of frames to get, simply check online.

There are hundreds of different styles that you can easily find online and see what objectively looks good and what looks bad.

And if you aren’t sure, ask for help from real hipsters, or at the very least your friends.

And I think this goes without saying, but don’t ask your parents for advice.

They simply don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to fashion and having a sense of style.

So that’s everything you need to know about hipster glasses, particularly how you can incorporate them into your lifestyle to look good and be in style.

As one final tip, keep in mind that glasses are interchangeable and you aren’t stuck with any single pair once you buy it.

So feel free to experiment with different frames and find one that works best for you!