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A Word On Woodson And Ford

Over the past few days, word has begun to leak that the secretive speakeasy Woodson and Ford was closing. Sadly, the news is true. The space never formally opened to the public, but was always available for private events for a reasonable price. If you were lucky, the owners would let you in if they knew they had enough room during the night. It was the only speakeasy that never sent out a press release, and made an effort to not draw attention to itself, but the owner's of the space have decided to make a go of it on their own. So where does that leave Woodson and Ford? Owner Gabriella Mlynarczyk tells DBTH that she is "planning to move Woodson & Ford to a new space". None has been found, but we hope she finds one soon. This is one operator who knows what they are doing and deserves to be in business. Uncle Stevie has some additional details.


643 Broadway Not Ready Yet

Despite pending rumors that the bar at 643 Broadway (also known as Woodson and Ford) would soon be opening to the public, DBTH has learned that the below ground space is will not be open to the public in the coming weeks. The propietors are hopeful that they will be able to go 100% public soon, but until then, the space is still only open to private parties. Room rental will run you $400 for the night, and a bar guarantee of $1000, or you can pick one of the other thousands of bars in the City and pay nothing. Irwin M Fletcher you choose.