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Webster Hall in Trouble

Is the recently landmarked Webster Hall in trouble of closing? According to a Little Birdy, the club is in serious arrears to the City, State and vendors, and may be on the verge of declaring bankruptcy. Our LB tells us:

The club owes a ton of rent to the actual landlords of the building, in excess of $400,000 and have had partial rent checks bounce. They owe the city/state over $100,000 in back taxes. They owe the city money for their water bill. They owe tons of creditors money as well for alcohol, promotions, etc. They are looking for some kind of bail out from the state (for the taxes issues) and the landlord (apparently they would like their rent lowered by half until things "get better"). It seems that mismanagement over the years has left WH in shambles and in the 20 years they have been opened the owners have not save a penny for rainy days like this.

Everyone wants a bailout, except your good friend DBTH. All told, Webster Hall is $600,000 in the red. We guess that the Studio space hasn't brought the additional revenue that the club was hoping for. Is the designer, our good friend Mr. Lewis, cursed? Either way, the club will need some kind of financial savior to help keep them hosting music for another 100 years. Let's hope they find one.


Weekend Quick Hits: Uncle Stevie Invasion

The second most referenced personality in the Sunday New York Times (behind the President) was none other than Steve Lewis, whose design work received not one but two shout outs. First up in Boîte was Aspen Social Club, in which a patron described the feel as “Very retro-modern." Indeed. Next was an update on the recently renovated Webster Hall, where Uncle Steve "added banquettes, tables, and a small likeness of Michelangelo’s David, covered in green stripes." But of course! We congratulate our friend on the recognition, and only hope that we get an ode to DBTH on our birthday too!