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Andre Balazs Abandons the Raleigh

Big news out of Miami. Andre Balazs has decided to sell his interest in the Raleigh Hotel, sending an email to friends and collegues to break the news, saying, "After seven years of fun and sun, we have decided to sell The Raleigh and focus our efforts on The Standard Spa, located on Belle Isle just blocks away." Que Triste. According to our Little Birdy, the GHM team that also runs the Setai are poised to take over. Good call. Perhaps Andre really does want to focus on his Standard Properties, or perhaps, as the rumors have it, he is in a serious cash crunch. Either way, the Raleigh will remain all systems go during the sale.

Full email after the jump!

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Nell's Needs a Cabaret, Standard Goes For One More

More Community Board fun, but this time, we head from CB 3 to CB 2, which covers the mighty mighty Meatpacking District. The biggies on the calendar are 244 West 14th Street, formerly the Plumm and Nell's, that Scott Sartiano and Richie Akiva plan to transform into their Butter North. Oddly enough, the space has never had a Cabaret License, so Scott and Richie must go before the CB to beg for one. If the CB says no, then we guess everyone will be forced to stand around and smell their own farts and not be able to dance. Cross your fingers. Also on the docket is another application for The Standard, which is looking to add another bar to its already packed roster. Could this be the Penthouse Room with the hot tub? We hope so, because we need a place to soak our weary bones while getting drunk.


The Dirt on Kamil Parchomienko 

If you are still dying to get into the Boom Boom Room (which still isn't open to the public but will be soon), we suggest you make friends with GM Kamil Parchomienko, your key to the kingdom. A recently recharged Abbe Diaz has the most relevant info about Kamil, saying:

Those of us who know and/or remember former subMercer GM/Maitre d’ kamil-parchomienko (also of MercerKitchen, SunsetBeach, StandardMiami, and StandardLA) are of course totally delighted that kamil, the prodigal son, has returned to NYC after a loooong time away. hooray! oh but i kinda feel a little bad for him though, cuz i don’t know whether or not kamil will appreciate his name being alls out there right before he is about to open the hottest spot in town.

A bit of publicity never hurt anybody. That's how you get the glory.

UPDATE: Just so you know - that is not Kamil. Why would he be dressed in a waiter's uniform?


An Evening At: The Standard Biergarten

While there is some debate over the best time of year to open a nightlife venue, we are going to go with in or around Fall Fashion Week.  Better to nail it and open the first weekend of Fashion week, but close can be good enough.  While the Standard was open before Labor Day, and the Standard Grill the same, Boom Boom Room came seemingly out of nowhere to take the Fashion Week crown, using a monster lineup of events and dinners to catapult itself to the head of the pack for Fall openings.

However, now that the cat is out of the bag and you don't stand a chance in hell of getting in, what is one to do?  Why not try to have some of that hotness rub off on you from 20 floors below?  The Standard Biergarten opened to little fanfare last week, but what better way to kick of Oktoberfest this week with a little Monday night visit?

Located under the Highline, the Biergarten was packed on a balmy and breezy Monday night.  Buy your beer tickets at the outhouse on the way in and you have a choice of three German brews on tap.  We opted with the Bitburger.  Add a couple of ping pong tables (take that Spin!) and pretzel girls (yes) and there you have your new MePa alternative to the new hot mess that is Boom Boom, Simyone, Abe & Arthur's, etc.


From Waitress to Angel to Bride . . . 

In an epic diary from the Takashi Murakami soiree at the Boom Boom Room last week, Guy Trebay encounters the designer Cynthia Rowley, who describes the waitresses look:

“When you come in and see her, at first she’s like a beautiful nurse in white, bringing you your cocktail,” . . . When once she has dispensed her curative potions, Ms. Rowley added, the nurse-waitress magically “becomes an angel.” And, after a certain amount of time on the job at the Boom Boom Room, the nurse angel waitress, Ms. Rowley said, may well “become a bride” to one of the monied denizens of this very world.

That's exactly what we thought when we saw them. [NYT]


An Evening At: The Boom Boom Room

[Image Via]

Hello, Boom Boom Room. After several hours of pre-gaming, we were ready to make our initial trip up the elevator's to Andre Balazs' newest pleasure palace high above the High Line. Good call on our part. The beginning of the evening was a private get together for Andre and his friends and the second part of the night opened up a bit. By the time we rolled in, the initial shit show had thinned out and the Boom Boom Room was going off. Our initial reaction was pure WOW. The space is gorgeous, with a bar anchoring the center of the room and floor to ceiling windows offering patrons stunning views in every direction. While the bar is in center field, the tables ring the venue, giving the guests who occupy the soft, tan couches the opportunity to stare out into the Manhattan night.

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The Boom Boom's Bathroom

Another shot courtesy of Olivier Zahm. This time it's a sneak peak of the bathroom at the Boom Boom Room at the Standard, which will have windows with a view and glass floors looking all the way down to street level. And like the Jane, these babies are very private.


The Standard Is Going Boom Boom Room

We are just days away from the beginning of Fashion Week, which means we are just days away from the opening of the Standard's roof top bar, the Boom Boom Room. The space, towering high above the High Line park, is certainly one of the most anticipated openings to hit New York in a long time. According to our Little Birdy, the Boom Boom Room is jaw-droppingly awesome, with floor to ceiling windows offering magnificent views in every direction. But the kicker is the portions of the room that have glass floors, offering views 18 stories down to the ground. Hope that doesn't make you too jumpy. The festivities kick off Saturday night with a private party and then Purple Magazine takes over on Sunday for what is sure to be a wild fiesta. Boom Boom!