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Nell's Needs a Cabaret, Standard Goes For One More

More Community Board fun, but this time, we head from CB 3 to CB 2, which covers the mighty mighty Meatpacking District. The biggies on the calendar are 244 West 14th Street, formerly the Plumm and Nell's, that Scott Sartiano and Richie Akiva plan to transform into their Butter North. Oddly enough, the space has never had a Cabaret License, so Scott and Richie must go before the CB to beg for one. If the CB says no, then we guess everyone will be forced to stand around and smell their own farts and not be able to dance. Cross your fingers. Also on the docket is another application for The Standard, which is looking to add another bar to its already packed roster. Could this be the Penthouse Room with the hot tub? We hope so, because we need a place to soak our weary bones while getting drunk.


More From the Noel Ashman Files

The Noel Ashman train keeps rolling down the tracks. It seems that the little Facebook group for aggrieved former employees of the Plumm have continued to search for their missing money, and somehow Ivy Supersonic, the hatmaker and ex girlfriend of Benjy Bronk, has gotten involved. After the jump is an email that Ms. Supersonic received from someone at the Department of Labor (calling her Ms. Superstein!), which seems to demonstrate that not paying your employees their rightful wages is not the best idea. If you are wrapped up in this, or want to share your tale of wo, you know where to find us.

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Does Noel Ashman Owe You Money?

For 4.5 years, Noel Ashman ran a little nightclub called the Plumm, creating a lifetime of memories, big plans and some very angry employees, promoters, vendors and DJ's who Mr. Ashman never got around to paying. This last group has banded together on Facebook to support each other in their time of need, realizing that they will never see their hard earned money. The group's tagline reads: "disgruntled former employees, promoters and Djs at the infamous nightclub Plumm whom Noel Ashman refused to pay or whose credit card tips were withheld permanently (read:stolen) from them so he could pay his debts." Ouch. We wish these voiceless victims good luck in trying to make it through this challeneging time.


Noel Ashman Says Goodbye

In a heartfelt letter to his friends, patrons and promoters, Noel Ashman announced the end of the Plumm.

Dear Friends,

The Plumm has closed its doors. We thank you very much for your support
over the last 4 1/2 years.
We will keep you posted on future events & we will be launching a new club


Noel Ashman and Partners