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The Eldridge Soldiers On

A Little Birdy had sung rumors of problems at the Eldridge, so we went right to the horse's mouth to get the low down. According to owner and visionary Matt Levine, things could not be going better. He tells DBTH:

We have opened up additional nights now that the summer is nearing an end, so we have brought in a new manager, promoted within to manage these nights at The Eldridge. Much of our staff went out East to Georgica for the summer, and will be returning come September as well. With Fashion Week blooming, VMA Weekend, and expansion with our company, ML Creative Group, and accomplishments of The Eldridge, and as well as employees growth - our events, projects and overall success has grown, and I am pleased to announce bringing in extra qualified hands to assist with everything. Our door staff has remained the same since we opened with Naeem Delbridge and Shakara Singh. We have also had the same DJ line-up, as well as majority of the same staff which shows amazing consistency in an always-changing revolving industry.

Got that? Levine also confirmed that the 'Dridge is now open on Mondays after their usual summer hiatus, and he has brought over Michka Bengio (from Le Royale and Le Souek) to handle a few nights at both the 'Dridge and LEVANTeast. In this topsy, turvy world, In Levine We Trust.


The Eldridge Re-signs

You thinking a little sign damage is going to stop the Eldridge from being the coolest gosh darn lounge in the whole universe? Then you are sadly mistaken. Matt Levine's pleasure paradise had hired workers to rebuild its fabled marquee yesterday, repairing the destruction which a commenter and neighbor attributes to the weekend rains. Oh well.



Trashing the Eldridge


It seems like the Eldridge isn't as loved by its Lower East Side neighbors as the ownership would want, since over the weekend some local ruffians had their way with the signage and gate. But do you think that a little vandalism would stop the Eldridge from dominating Eldridge Street? Hell no! According to a @jnd3001, "Apparently the destruction did not signal the end of the establishment. It was still in full douchey swing last night."

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Matt Levine: Savior of THOR!

Matt Levine is many things to many people. Clothing designer, television star, bar owner, philanthropist, philosopher. You get the drift. But now it seems we can add savior to the list. According to a tweet by a man with some free time on his hands, Levine has been tapped by The Hotel on Rivington to take over its cursed restaurant and bar space, which has churned through multiple chefs and operators since its opening in 2004. We turn to our friends at Eater for some of the history.

  • August, 2006 - Original chef Kurt Gutenbrunner departs to concentrate on his other restaurants
  • August, 2007 - The entire restaurant area is gutted, hoping for a fresh start
  • October 2007 - Mark Spangethal is installed as the third chef, replacing Kevin Pomplum
  • October, 2007 - The secret bar area is re-christened Bar 105
  • May, 2008 - Jesi Solomon is announced as the fourth chef

Solomon was firmly in place by the end of summer, 2008. By April 2009, the concept was trashed, ready to be turned over to Matt Levine, a newcomer with a much debated business model. Four chefs in four years is enough to make an owner do crazy things. But is it crazy, or is it just crazy enough to work?

Further analysis and a comment by Matt Levine himself after the jump.

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Good Morning!

To start your week off, we bring you this image of one of the precious Eldridge Membership cards inserted into some choice dog doo. Why? Because we can. Let's all have a great week.


230 Fifth Gets Its Tree On

The warm weather is a sure signal that Spring has arrived. It's time to give a big welcome back to Roof Bar Season! Crowd noise! The folks from 230 Fifth Avenue are ramping up by bringing back the 70 palm trees that owner Steven Greenberg sends to winter in Florida every year and introducing a new warm weather cocktail list. The rub? The drinks will run you a minimum of $15, with Champagne cocktails going even further for $17. We guess that the 230 Fifth team was looking for that sweet spot between the Minetta Tavern and the Eldridge. Ouch. But that price does come with some fresh air and a view, which may make the price a bit easier to handle. Just a bit.

Click through to see 230 Fifth's full spring/summer cocktail menu!

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The Eldridge: Where the Customer is #1

More fun from the Eldridge, where unlike other lounges in New York, the customer is the #1 top priority. According to a Little Birdy, a would be birthday girl worked with club management to celebrate a special birthday with friends in the tiny space. When they showed up to get the night started, the entire party was turned away. Our LB says, "she had planned it way in advance and they made her promise to buy several bottles of overpriced alcohol." Left out in the cold with the birthday potentially ruined, the group started working furiously to find an alternative. LB says,  "finally, bungalow took them (they got a table and bottles)." You know they always have room. Another stunning example of the Eldrige being in a class of its own.



Paris Fashion Week News

Close on the heels of NYC Fashion Week, a Little Birdy tells us that "1Oak is taking over Sens for Paris Fashion Week and The Eldridge is taking over VIP Room for Paris Fashion week." The bad news is that the moves are not permanent. Sigh.