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Backstage At The Breslin

DBTH recently got a backstage tour of the Breslin, April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman's new gastropub project at the Ace Hotel. The place has been progressing quickly since the last tours went through the space, and they are committed to being ready for the upcoming FergusStock celebration on October 17.  A few heady nuggets of intel: The wine list will feature 100 wines for under $100; SixPoint will be brewing a special Breslin Ale, and there will be multiple spaces used for aging meat! The kitchen for the hotel and event space is about to be up and running, and they expect to offer a full room service menu and lobby snacks (charcuterie, meat pies, cheeeeeese) by next week. We also got a sneak peak of the massive event space in the basement, which is progressing nicely. While not the Boom Boom or the Jane, the space can hold 200 people for an event, and has the capability of hosting anything from a fashion show to a concert. All in all, color us impressed and excited for opening night.


Weekend Quick Hits: A Bevvy of Sadness

Take a day off and look what happens. The weekend was filled with a second DJ's death and news of multiple closings, rocking a hospitality industry that many thought was showing signs of recovery.

  • DJ AM was found dead in his apartment in Soho on Friday night from an apparent drug overdose. According to sources, "when they rolled him over, cops discovered a near-empty bag of crack stuck to his chest." Friends became alarmed when AM missed his flight to Vegas for a gig at the Palms and did not answer his cellphone, but by the time they got to his apartment, it was already too late. He will be missed.
  • In a restaurant shocker, Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield closed their 9 month old restaurant, the John Dory. The 2 star seafood joint was well reviewed, but according to Friedman, the lack of foot traffic killed their business. The staff will shift to the Breslin while the owners search for a new space to reopen.
  • The Griffin has already closed, just months after opening. This could be a clear sign that a standalone club may no longer be able to make it in the Meatpacking District 3.0.  Au Contraire! The Griffin has not closed, with owner Chris Reda saying, "This is absolutely, 150 percent not true. I don't even know where this came from. Business has been great. We have a seven-year lease and aren't closing before then."
  • Manhattan stalwart Cafe des Artistes has closed. Originally opened in 1917, the restaurant has been a beacon of Continental cuisine for legions of city residents and tourists looking to enjoy a gourmet meal in a gorgeous setting. Don't believe us? Check out the outpouring of love from the commenters who have special memories from CdA.

Here Comes the Breslin

New York gets the goods on the Breslin, the upcoming restaurant and bar from Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield, at the Ace Hotel. Beyond the always amazing food that April and chef de cuisine Peter Cho will provide, the Breslin will deliver a most excellent bar program. Some of the highlights:

  • Two bars — one downstairs, and a smaller, semi private mezzanine bar that seems comparable to the 3rd Floor of the Pig.
  • 100 wines for under $100 a bottle. Apologies to South Africa, Chile, Australia, and Argentina: They are all from the Northern Hemisphere.
  • A custom cask ale from the Northwest.
  • Playful twists on classic cocktails.

The theme is hard core gastro pub that is delicious on the tastebuds and easy on the wallet. And with gorgeous interiors from Roman and Williams (who also did the Ace), expect it to be easy on the eyes as well.