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Gossip Girl Goes Nightlife

Anyone can spend a little time watching some trashy TV, especially if it is on topic. Last night's Gossip Girl hit the nightlife beat, and here's a little recap, DBTH style.

  • The dark haired girl asked her new college roommates which club was the best to attend on Saturday nights. Wrong answer: Marquee. Right answer: None, because everyone knows clubs  are filled with B&T on the weekend.
  • Low talker guy wants to open a venue in a fancy coop building that used to be a bank, with plans to have a restaurant on the ground floor and run a decadent speakeasy in the basement's bank vault. His plan is foiled when the drunk girl tells the crusty old Board member about his nightclub dreams. Oopsie. We can tell you that he had hired Lewis/Dizon Designs to do the renderings, and the project was going to be awesome.
  • The puffy dark haired girl tries to break up an NYU roof party in order to get everyone to head to Monkey Bar. Like that would ever work. Who writes this stuff?

What an amazing hour of television. Posting may be limited today because we poked our eyes out immediately after the show ended.


Has Roxy Done Itself In?

After DBTH broke the news of the Roxy's attempted comeback yesterday, Steve Lewis colors in the lines, saying that there is already trouble in paradise. The most current efforts to revive the space were led by Neal Erman, but the building's owner would only work with former Roxy frontman Gene Denino (real name). Those two couldn't agree on a deal, so the whole thing may be scrapped. Can anyone save it? Maybe, according to GNML, who says:

Although rumors of another group headed up by international DJ and all around nice guy Victor Calderone, spin right round like a record playing, Gene says he is not talking to them but is looking at another situation. My bet is John Blair who ran the long running gay-based Saturday night party will step up with investors.

Is anyone at BB really editing these pieces? Jesus. Anyway, no one really cares if the Roxy comes back or not. The community doesn't want it, and there is no proof that the consumers want this kind of operation either. But it's fun to watch these trains run themselves right off the tracks.


Comment of the Week

Without further ado, our comment of the week. . .

Sometimes a punk needs to be bitch slapped...

Steve Lewis

Some things need no explanation.


Uncle Steve Loves the Violence 

We all know by now about Wass Steven's unfortunate incident with a rejected customer outside of Avenue on Tueday night, leading to Wass spending a night in the pokey. We all have our off nights now and again. But we love Uncle Stevie's reaction to the whole thing, saying "is there any doubt the guy deserved it? Is there any doubt that a line was crossed that a respectable man could not ignore? Shoot, I want to smack the dude myself because I know for a pro like my boy to cross that line, it was a matter of honor or a reaction to a threat or indeed self-defense." Lewis then proclaims "I won’t defend my man" before defending him, followed by "I don’t need to praise him", before praising him for his honesty, good looks, and suave wardrobe", and "talent. He lights up a screen." The only thing he didn't mention was his French Toast recipe, which is out of this world. Maybe he is saving that for Friday. We aren't going to pretend we were there or know what happened, but we never condone violence, in any situation. That's just us, though.


Jane Ballroom Opens Next Tueday

We told you that the Jane Ballroom had quietly begun hosting events, and now it's poised for its public opening next Tuesday. Uncle Steve brought what seems like his disposable camera to the space and got a tour from Sean Macpherson, and beyond his normal hyperbole, describes it as a cross bewteen Spy Bar and Rose Bar. The grainy images do give off the vibe, with the uncomfortableness of the Bowery lobby thrown in for good measure. Like we said and Steve reiterates, the roof ain't ready, and won't be licensed until sometime in the late summer or early fall. [BB]


See Ya: Mark Baker Leaves M2

Three months after hatching the M2 plan to salvage the train wreck disaster that was Mansion, Mark Baker has left the building. It seems that the "nightlife hero" couldn't it make it work with low level promoter Joey Morrisey, so he is off to Moscow to produce some large scale events. Baker then plans on lending his superstar skills to one of the Hamptons clubs this summer, and then will team up on a new project with Jon B. and Barry "the Shark" Mullineaux, who are running the notorious stink box that is Greenhouse. So while M2 presses forward, we can all admit that it is one of the loudest and most expensive nightlife failures this city has seen for quite some time. The crowds never turned up, even during its brash opening complete with its original Miami team and before the city's economy really tanked. People were still buying (and selling) bottles, just not at Mansion. The plans to turn the place around with the tired Ministry of Sound and theme nights flopper royally, and Baker has left it in the hands of C/D list promoters to try and salvage whatever is left.  With real estate development all but dead, the value of property in West Chelsea is greatly diminished. This club space is basically worthless until the next turnaround, and there is no telling when that will be. The end. [GNML]


Beatrice Calls On Uncle Stevie

After unfortunately being shuttered because of capacity issues this weekend, Uncle Stevie says that Beatrice Inn owner Paul Sevigny reached out to him late last night to say "that it was actually building code violations". Paul says to expect a "Save the Beatrice" in the coming days.


Matt Oliver Sees Quiet

In a conversation with Steve Lewis, M2 and once a week Merkato 55's doorman Matt Oliver on a how a room should look on different nights of the week:

I don’t think that a room should look totally different on a quiet night rather than a busy night. I think it should just look quieter.

No word if it should taste quieter.


Weekend Quick Hits: Uncle Stevie Invasion

The second most referenced personality in the Sunday New York Times (behind the President) was none other than Steve Lewis, whose design work received not one but two shout outs. First up in Boîte was Aspen Social Club, in which a patron described the feel as “Very retro-modern." Indeed. Next was an update on the recently renovated Webster Hall, where Uncle Steve "added banquettes, tables, and a small likeness of Michelangelo’s David, covered in green stripes." But of course! We congratulate our friend on the recognition, and only hope that we get an ode to DBTH on our birthday too!