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Backstage At The Breslin

DBTH recently got a backstage tour of the Breslin, April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman's new gastropub project at the Ace Hotel. The place has been progressing quickly since the last tours went through the space, and they are committed to being ready for the upcoming FergusStock celebration on October 17.  A few heady nuggets of intel: The wine list will feature 100 wines for under $100; SixPoint will be brewing a special Breslin Ale, and there will be multiple spaces used for aging meat! The kitchen for the hotel and event space is about to be up and running, and they expect to offer a full room service menu and lobby snacks (charcuterie, meat pies, cheeeeeese) by next week. We also got a sneak peak of the massive event space in the basement, which is progressing nicely. While not the Boom Boom or the Jane, the space can hold 200 people for an event, and has the capability of hosting anything from a fashion show to a concert. All in all, color us impressed and excited for opening night.


Fists Fly at Spotted Pig

The scene at the Spotted Pig was especially rambunctious this past Friday, as two male patrons came to blows in the always crowded West Village spot. According to a Little Birdy who witnessed the brew ha ha, "two guys started arguing with each other over bar stools that they each wanted for their women. It quickly escalated and punches were thrown. Six people converged and broke it up." It was our Little Birdy's first time at the Pig, and they remarked it certainly held true to its British gastropub roots. We were actually surprised that there wasn't a fight there earlier in the week for the final portions of the Mangalitsa pigs.

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