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We Still Get Your Emails . . . 

Hey there everyone. Just decided to take this old girl out for a temporary spin after we received an email from one of our craziest Little Birdys ever, the one who lived above Smith and Mills and used to rant and rave about how the place ruined their lives. Well, apparently they are still fighting the good fight, so why not share their rants with you today. Hope you're well! Don't forget the Birdy Wire is always open!!!


From: victoriassecret

To: dbth

Re: Smith and Mills

You had your fun. Matt was caught lying to the judge beginning to end. The case was thrown out. Please take this post down. It's enough.

I think you know perfectly well what Matt has done. I think you know we were not the only ones and how many people lost their businesses and homes who he  hurt. It's just wrong.

We did nothing to them Scott. They stole our power, failed to soundproof, damaged the house and used our 8 bedroom home as their exhaust. These are just the facts.

The whole story was a lie. Smith and Mills had a fire 2 weeks earlier. A lawsuit prevents the city from stepping in with pending litigation. They sued us to prevent the city from investigating.  Smith is on our 2nd fire exit and the C of O wasn't valid. They made up the story to prevent the Mayor's office from shutting them down over their own fire when they found out I privately wrote the Mayor 10 days earlier. They knew the C of O wasn't valid and their partial petition for Smith and Mills obstructs our mandated egress. It's a fire hazard for many years according to the fdny over our own fire which burnt for 3 days the buildings are so old. We didn't know it wasn't cleared by the city until we saw the city records. We had no idea why anyone would make up a story on us that literally never happened. No one would sign an affidavit for them. I didn't do a thing to them Scott. This is what the neighbor did to them at Beatrice Inn. The only thing we were guilty of is NOT reporting them.  This is the truth.

Scott please see this is taken down immediately. These games cost us $250,000 in legal fees, our home and EVERYTHING we own. Please see this post is removed immediately Scott. It's just not right anymore. I fought them and I won the lawsuit.

Thank you.

Victoria and Carlos