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The Jane Seems Safe . . . For Now

It became completely apparent this week just how much the local community hates having the Jane Hotel as the home of New York's most popular nightclub. But it also became apparent that unless something drastic happens, the Jane is not going away anytime soon. But DBTH, how can you be so sure? Excellent question. You see, once the SLA issues a liquor license, it takes them an awfully long time to strip it away. The SLA also allows an operator who is in violation of their license agreement to continue to operate until a hearing is held to determine the fate of the license, giving the operator a chance to prove that they have made strides to fix the problems. Of course, New York City Agencies do have a coordinated team that rolls out en masse to investigate bars and venues that rack up numerous complaints, and we expect the Jane is on the list to be visited sometime very soon. That means they better have their ducks in row in terms of making sure no one under age is inside, there is no smoking, no capacity issues, etc etc. But unless it's egregious, the Jane will still stay open.

This neighborhood group is not a real force to be reckon with, but the City agencies and PD are. Our suggestion? Stop having live bands, do everything to fix the traffic issues, force patrons to enter from the West Side Highway side of the building, and make sure your security keeps everything in control inside the room. It may go a long way to fixing things before they get fixed for you.


Jane Ballroom Opens Next Tueday

We told you that the Jane Ballroom had quietly begun hosting events, and now it's poised for its public opening next Tuesday. Uncle Steve brought what seems like his disposable camera to the space and got a tour from Sean Macpherson, and beyond his normal hyperbole, describes it as a cross bewteen Spy Bar and Rose Bar. The grainy images do give off the vibe, with the uncomfortableness of the Bowery lobby thrown in for good measure. Like we said and Steve reiterates, the roof ain't ready, and won't be licensed until sometime in the late summer or early fall. [BB]


Jane Hotel Lobby Bar Hosts Away

Recent rumors have spread that the Jane Hotel's booze plans are going nowhere fast, mainly due to community board issues and pushback from its Jane Street neighbors. We never bought it, since Socialista managed to open and operate for a time in the space and get along OK. Well, unless you count that whole Hep A scare. Mostly the delays are because owners Eric Goode and Sean MacPherson simply take their time to get things right, which is why the planned April opening has slipped in June. However, certain events are beginning to take advantage the new lobby bar, with a small little film premiere party being held in the space last night. Since there is no pending application for the hotel on the Community Board's June calendar and CB's don't meet in July, we expect the Jane to try and wrap up the roof top application in August, allowing for 1-3 months of sweet Hudson views.


Jane Hotel Lounge Getting Set

Are you all tore up that Socialista is gone and you have no reason to head to Jane and the West Side Highway? Good news! The Jane Hotel is putting the finishing touches on its hotel lounge, descibed by a commenter as "Rose bar meets Freeman's restaurant." Translation? A warm space with comfy couches, gorgeous artwork, and of course, taxidermy, because the stuffed animals craze will never cease! A rep for the Jane tells DBTH that the opening is targeted for April, but like anything, that is a moving taget.