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The Rusty Knot Is Doing Just Fine

Apparently, the Jane Hotel has been great for some people. We hear from the Rusty Knot team that business has been booming this summer and into the fall, with owner Ken Friedman telling us "Its pretty funny to see dozens of well-dressed, tipsy people walking up & down the Westside Hwy to & from The Knot. All of a sudden more & more of the beautiful people are coming in late to eat & drink." Doesn't surprise us. No matter who you are, a drunk pretzel dog always hits the spot.


The Pick Up Files: Rusty Knot Edition

Going out is more than just drinking and music. It's also about trying to get some. Every night, thousands of men and women meet at bars and restaurants, and these are their stories.

My girlfriends and I had some drinks and pretzel dogs at the Rusty Knot last night. 2 guys approached us, one of them with think-framed, black glasses. He took them off for a second and my friend asked to try them on. Upon wearing them she was surprised to find they had no prescription. "No," he said "they are vanity glasses." We thought it was weird but then he went on to try to defend them by likening them to girls dying their hair. When we told him we don't dye our hair, he tried compared it to wearing a costume on Halloween. When I reminded him that it wasn't Halloween, he started to get mad.

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Pickle Juice With Your Whiskey

More fun with booze. A Little Birdy told us that the Rusty Knot is serving up shots of Jameson with a pickle juice chaser. That's right, we said pickle juice. It may sound crazy to you, but pickle juice is actually known to be an effective tool against dehydration. And for any of you who have ever really tied one on, you are well aware that over-consumption of alcohol definitely causes dehydration. So before you go calling someone crazy, know that the good folks at the Knot have your best interests at heart.

UPDATE: A spokesman from the Rusty Knot tells us that it's called a Pickleback and the combo is "Awesome".


On the Circuit: Rusty Knot Turns One

On what was hopefully one of the final chilly nights of the year, with the wind whipping of the Hudson, the Rusty Knot celebrated it's One Year Anniversary with a festive get together of friends and pretzel dog lovers. The lead up to the Knot's opening was way overheated, as its owners Taavo Somer and Ken Friedman were knighted as saviors of the dive bar scene. But its opening led to the inevitable backlash, with many griping that the Rusty Knot was trying to hard to be a real dive bar. What phooey! Its 12 months of operation, capped off with last night's get together, proved that none of it matters. The place was packed with a mixed crew of people hoisting tiki drinks and enjoying free Busch beer, ordering up said pretzel dogs and savoring the return of the Chicken Liver and Bacon sandwich. Taavo even busted out a smoke machine and light show, making that corner of the bar uninhabitable, but kitschy nonetheless. It's day 366 for the Rusty Knot, and the place will just keep on keeping on, and that's all it needs to do.


Rusty Knot Brings Back a Favorite

As has been reported, the Rusty Knot is celebrating its One Year Anniversary on Monday by hosting a little shimmy at the West side nautical dive. We've been told that Chicken Liver and Bacon sandwich will be brought back as part of the festivities, which is great news for fans of its unique deliciousness. That means us. If you remember, it was just 6 months ago that proprietors Taavo Somer and Ken Friedman told DBTH that the sandwich is an item "we all love it but it’s not selling". No word if this a permanent addition back to the menu, but much like the McRib, consume it while you have the chance.