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Nell's Needs a Cabaret, Standard Goes For One More

More Community Board fun, but this time, we head from CB 3 to CB 2, which covers the mighty mighty Meatpacking District. The biggies on the calendar are 244 West 14th Street, formerly the Plumm and Nell's, that Scott Sartiano and Richie Akiva plan to transform into their Butter North. Oddly enough, the space has never had a Cabaret License, so Scott and Richie must go before the CB to beg for one. If the CB says no, then we guess everyone will be forced to stand around and smell their own farts and not be able to dance. Cross your fingers. Also on the docket is another application for The Standard, which is looking to add another bar to its already packed roster. Could this be the Penthouse Room with the hot tub? We hope so, because we need a place to soak our weary bones while getting drunk.


Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting At 1OAK

A trusted Little Birdy was out and about this weekend and filed an amazing report after a night at Simyone and 1OAK. We'll let our LB take it from here:

Saw some interesting things last night when I stopped by Simyone (SL) which was filled with a very hot crowd, also lots of celebs, models, industry people.  Jay z, russel simmons, gossip girl cast members, Ryan Leslie, etc.  Around 1:30-2ish the celebs emptied out and all flocked to 1oak...  I followed suit soonafter and eventually made my way to Andre Harrells table (it was his birthday)...  Oddly enough later on Mark Birnbaum shows up and had an altercation with Richie Akiva in the hallway right where you walk into 1oak...  It was mostly just Mark pushing Richie a few times and Richie not doing much... One of the managers Frank was right there, also Binn was there and looked on in disbelief.  Eventually Mark walked into the club and went to richies table but this was definitely not a friendly meeting as glasses and bottles were broken during the scuffle when busboys were walking through.  Also saw Eugene Remm at 1oak... Obviously Simyone can't be doing that well if they lose all their celebs to 1oak and have to party there themselves...

A real pushing match! Broken glasses and bottles! Celebrities fleeing one club for another en masse! We haven't been this excited since Satsky took Birnbaum down at Houston's. Obviously it's never a good sign if everyone up and abandons your new club at 1:30 on a Friday night, but must we resort to violence? How unbecoming! But as for Simyone not doing that well, well, everyone needs to calm down. The place has barely been open for 3 weeks. It's not going anywhere anytime soon.