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Rumor of the Day: Le Baron NYC

It's Wednesday morning, so let's play Rumor of the Day. Andre, the international flanuer and co-owner of Le Baron and Beatrice Inn (sigh) has been spending a lot of time in New York City recently. He made the rounds during Fashion Week with his partner in crime Olivier Zahm and the Purple Magazine crew, but when they checked out to return to Paris and then Milan (for another fashion week), Andre stayed behind and helped out with Le Fooding NYC. Andre has been all over town, hanging at the Boom Boom Room (where he has been helping Andre Balazs get the place going) and even playing ping pong with Paul Sevigny and Simonez at Spin New York. We have heard from a peu d'oiseau that Andre is looking at several restaurant and club opportunities in New York City, including opening a Le Baron. Could this be related to Sevigny's plans to open a Soho space away from any residential areas? Makes sense, since Andre helped pull the Bea together. But another LB tells us that the talk is cheap and it's not gonna happen. But hey, that's why we call it the Rumor of the Day. And that's why we're DBTH.

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Reports From The Field

It's not all Boom Boom Room for DBTH. We do like to check out lots of places in New York and keep your abreast of what we are seeing out there. Enjoy our Reports from the Field!

  • We checked out Le Fooding at PS 1 on Friday night. Amazing art, pretty well organized, great tunes by Paul Sevigny, horrible party. Why is it that New Yorkers will stand in line for up to 30 minutes just for a bite of food? We will never understand it. The long lines turned what could have been a fun night into a snooze fest, with everyone waiting for food and not trying to enjoy themselves. Additional negative was the booze situation. It was plentiful, but if you were in the VIP room and had 3 drink tickets and wanted 3 glasses of wine or 3 glasses of champagne, it became a capital offense. Each ticket was supposed to be for a specific drink, with bartenders fearing for their job if they were to break policy. Newsflash - no one is digging through your garbage to make sure every torn ticket in your bucket says wine. Just give us the drink.
  • Post Le Fooding, we headed to the ping pong club Spin New York for the Phoenix/Passion Pit afterparty. Hello shit show. A combination of overzealous PR and security made this party a serious dud, and we exited stage right in under an hour. Take some advice from DBTH - if there are 300 people in the back room while the main room is empty, perhaps you should hold the party in the main room. One and done for Spin.
  • We've always wanted to drink serious cocktails above a fast food burrito chain, so we decided to check out Su Casa. Big. Mistake. What we thought was going to be a tapas and Mexican theme cocktail bar was like a frat party. We descended the stairs and discovered abundance of people poorly dancing to bad hip hop. 45 seconds later, we were out the door. It may be a new record of time spent in a venue, so congrats to Su Casa for that.

Sad Times for the Bea

Weeks after proclaiming that the Beatrice Inn would arise from its shuttered state like a dancing Phoenix, our favorite old girl has yet to open for business. One Little Birdy with more than a bit of snark writes:

I walked by good old Bea last night to see it completely dark with a large plastic trashcan still guarding its exclusivity which seemed to have been carelessly thrown down those holy stairs that once embodied everything to hate about NYC nightlife. What a shame, this must be really heartbreaking to those across the river in Williamsburg. Unfortunately, I was only at Bea' once because my jeans were never tight enough, my shoes never bright enough and my penis never small enough.

Zing. Adding to the misery, last night's rumored Save the Beatrice party II at the Bowery Hotel never came together. Misery does indeed love company. At least we have the Chelsea.

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Quick Hits: Thursday Wake Up

Time for an edition of Quick Hits! You know the drill.

UPDATE: Now with Save the Beatrice t-shirt photo, courtesy of @MikeNouveau!

  • The Bea will reopen sometime next week, meaning that the rumors that "it was being seized and would not reopen as the Beatrice Inn" were not true. Our national nightmare is over. [P6]
  • Tracy Westmoreland, the owner of the now deceased Siberia Bar, is poised to open his next venture Manhattans at 769 Washington Ave. in Prospect Heights. Why call it Manhattans? According to Westmoreland, "Hipsters call the city the Manhattans, the name grew out of Brooklyn". Knowledge. [NY Press]
  • Finally, the Sunburnt Cow will be closed for a spring cleaning from April 13-15. Not to fear, it's its boozy $18 all you can drink brunch will return in time for the weekend. [DBTH]

More Beatrice Inn Updates

More information continues to leak out following last week's closure of the Beatrice Inn, so here goes.

  • The Observer's Daily Transom discovers the DOB complaint, showing the Bea was 38 people over capacity at the time of the raid, had an illegal PA system  PA Violations, and lacked adequate egress in case of an emergency.
  • The DT also discovers that Beatrice owes some $23,000 in fines due to various stop work order complaints
  • Finally, a commenter writes: "I was across the street for a very late lunch around 5 and watched police breaking down the door. They said it was being seized and would not reopen as the Beatrice Inn."

All of this adds up to not being very good news. While some on the Beatrice staff thought they could reopen this week after settling some of these various issues, it seems as if the authorities are dead set against shutting it down for good. Sigh. We await the final verdict.


Beatrice Calls On Uncle Stevie

After unfortunately being shuttered because of capacity issues this weekend, Uncle Stevie says that Beatrice Inn owner Paul Sevigny reached out to him late last night to say "that it was actually building code violations". Paul says to expect a "Save the Beatrice" in the coming days.


On the Circuit: Belvedere IX

Last night, DBTH braved the wind on the Bowery for some free-flowin' Belvedere action at the launch of Belvedere IX. We are suckers for Le Baron aka the bar at the Bowery Hotel, and it failed us not. For entertainment, a screen involving a Belvedere IX cartoon character (adorbs) flashed above the dimly-lit bar and the Belvedere folk packed the house with cool kids while Paul Sevigney spun some excellent hipster-friendly tunes. We tried all of the cocktails, including a "deconstructed mojito" involving cotton candy which the southerner among us likened to a mint julep; and an "Andres Palmer" which came in its very own bottle, ala upscale Smirnoff Ice. Specialty shots abounded with a jello shot (ah, college) and a smores shot with a huge, perfectly burnt marshmellow (ah, sleepaway camp). Our collective sweet tooth and nostalgia effectively satisfied, we left happy (and drunky).

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