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Brinkley's In a New York State of Mind

DBTH checks in with our good friend Anthony Martignetti as he preps the opening of Brinkley's, their take on the classic pub serving a New York take on a classic pub menu. As for the beverage service, AM says, "The beers will all be brewed in ny state, and we will harve 8 tap lines, including three by Sixpoint and our own Sixpoint for Brinkleys Brittish ale. The wine list is all American, with bottles starting at $25." Not too shabby. And while the term rugby pub has been thrown around, Martignetti tells us, "Brinkleys is not a sports bar, and will only be showing games when truly interesting. There is not a focus on rugby per se, but an overall interest in soccer, champions league and other, rugby, and American football." Why no Aussie rules? The space was designed by the brothers Martignetti, since interior architecture and design are why they came to NYC in the first place. The plan is to open Brinkley's on October 15 for dinner and brunch, with lunch following sometime in the near future. Be sure to circle it on your calendars.


Quick Hits: Monday Afternoon Is Popping

Whoa! What was that? QUICK HITS! Lots of goodies to report on from around the way, so let's get to it.

  • Is it officially over for the Bea? According to Page Six, the answer is a resounding Yes, with NIMBY's lined up to do everything in their power to prevent our little girl from ever re-opening. Sounds bleak, but perhaps their is some light at the back of that little dark room. A Little Birdy on the inside told DBTH recently that it may not be curtains for the Beatrice, so flame away if you want, but we hold out hope. [P6]
  • Our main main Steve Lewis sits down with Genc Jakupi to talk about how amazing the Box was, is, and always will be. As for people who have to wait, well, everyone waits or pays the consequences. Is it just us, or do his interviews break some kind of world record for the most statements and fewest questions? So it's not just us? [BB]
  • Mr. MePa has the juice on what to expect from the Meatpacking District 3.0, including the planned retractable roof on Provocateur, and the 18th Floor Standard cocktail lounge that is coated in gold. [GSNY]
  • Speaking of gold, have you heard about this new hot spot, Goldbar? Did you know Lenny Kravitz loves it there? What do you mean you do? That's old news? You don't say? [NYT]

Bar Martignetti Switch Up Denied!

The planned switchover from Bar Martignetti seems to have been a bait and switch tactic by the Brothers Martignetti, as they attempted to split their liquor license in half and give the upstairs half to Burak Karacam, managing partner of Pera. The Cafe Noir team who were lined up to take over the restaurant were nowhere to be found. Of course, no downtown Community Board would ever go for something like this, so they delivered the proverbial back of the hand to this scheme, rejecting this plan outright. Shock, but we can't say we blame them. A plan like this requires an owner to spend months working the CB members, so that when it's meeting time, you aren't leaving anything to chance. A nice picture helps too. Our friends at Boozy NYC wasted an entire night listening to this drivel, and have a full report. Until they get this figured out, there is always Southside to soothe your soul.


Cafe Noir to Take Over Bar Martignetti

Bar Martignetti has been closed for renovations for several months now, as the brother's Martignetti planned to do two weeks of "significant renovations" and create a more food-focused restaurant. But have those plans been put aside? According to one Little Birdy, the answer is a yes. According to a Little Birdy, "On the community board 2 calendar of meetings and applications it says cafe noir is moving to 406 broome aka closed for "renovations" bar martignetti. lawyer in my neighborhood who is very active on the community board (live near police building) confirmed this application has been sent and is processing. anthony martignetti's restaurateur dream was short lived...but southside is fun."

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Some Things Are Still Going Strong

The daily news sure does contain a lot of doom and gloom, so we were pleased to receive a pleasant report from a Little Birdy, who says:

so i did a lil celebrating for my birthday on a wed night w a dinner party at la esquina at 10pm. place was amazingly packed and busy for this economic climate. Bar was 3-4 deep and moving. Great looking crowd. Took the party then to Goldbar which was quite busy for a wed nite too. Both places seem to be surviving quite well in the current climate. It was like nyc never missed a beat.

We know a thing or two about celebrating at La Esquina and Goldbar, and have noticed the same thing. Quality places that made good real estate deals and can manage costs will make it through. It doesn't mean that their revenue and profit hasn't been hurt, but they will make it through.

What other places have you noticed to be recession proof? Let's hear it!


Afternews: Veloce, Renovations, and Gold Digging

  • A first look at Veloce club, which aims to be "more of a destination than a pit stop". Of course. [GS]
  • Ryan's and Lucy's are both still down for the count [Eater], but we saw with our own very eyes that the Holiday Cocktail lounge will be up and running for business this weekend. Breathe.
  • Did you used to head to 27th Street, hoping to find the rich man of your dreams wasting money on bottles and sparklers? Here's a helpful guide on how to land a richie now that those days are dunzo. [Cityfile]

Southside Heading Out East?

Snow is on the ground, but summer is just around the corner. With that comes our first rumor of the season, and it's a doozy. According to a Little Birdy, Anthony Martignetti and the Southside crew are all headed to the Hamptons, and are planning to "open this summer at Bamboo location in East Hampton." The space had been operating as a sushi spot for the past few seasons will get a heavy dose of New England and Australia from May through September.


An Evening At: Goldbar

Being that it was a long weekend and we were taking Monday to honor our past Presidents, we decided to head over to Broome and Mulberry to check in on Goldbar's super hopping Sunday night party. Good move, since the place got crowded around midnight and stayed crowded until closing. Even during these dark days, we still witnessed a hight volume of bottles moving out to tables. The only thing moving faster was Goldbar's doorman deluxe, Jonny Lennon, who bounced inside and out all night to ensure that everything was A OK. And what about boldfaced names, you ask? Besides DBTH et al, a Little Birdy tells us, "I was at Gold Bar sunday night and Amanda Bynes was there - she waited at the front of the bar drinking water with her friend until 30 minutes later Matt Levine of the Elridge invited her to his table.. Also, the girl with the bangs from Superbad was outside trying to get in and talking to johnny, didnt get in!" Bynes, Levine, and the bangs girl - does it get more boldfaced than that? Does her flack know about this?


Papabubble Says Valentine's is For Candy

Our good friends at Papabubble wanted to spread the Valentine's Day love and let everyone know they are offering special V-day inspired lollies, heart mixes and a super special gold heart ring. Nothing will make your sweetie feel any more loved. Awww, candy. Be sure to tune into the Martha Stewart Show today to see the Papabubble wrecking crew make some candy with Queen Martha.