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Backstage At The Breslin

DBTH recently got a backstage tour of the Breslin, April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman's new gastropub project at the Ace Hotel. The place has been progressing quickly since the last tours went through the space, and they are committed to being ready for the upcoming FergusStock celebration on October 17.  A few heady nuggets of intel: The wine list will feature 100 wines for under $100; SixPoint will be brewing a special Breslin Ale, and there will be multiple spaces used for aging meat! The kitchen for the hotel and event space is about to be up and running, and they expect to offer a full room service menu and lobby snacks (charcuterie, meat pies, cheeeeeese) by next week. We also got a sneak peak of the massive event space in the basement, which is progressing nicely. While not the Boom Boom or the Jane, the space can hold 200 people for an event, and has the capability of hosting anything from a fashion show to a concert. All in all, color us impressed and excited for opening night.


Frank The Ham

Exclusive - Backstage with Frank Bruni

Frank Bruni sure is getting around now that he is finished at the Times food critic. Here he is having some fun backstage at the Colbert Report. Guffaw! Now we have to ask, is there anything he has turned down during this promotional tour?


Juliet: Tripped Out Funhouse

Here is the first look at Juliet, the new restaurant/lounge space that is a partnership between Jon B. and Todd English. Purple couches, crazy lattice ceiling, small tables, mirrored columns. Now this looks like the kind of restaurant that we would like to eat in! Doesn't it just scream Sunday brunch or first date? [Via GoaG]


Los Feliz Looks Kind of Awesome

Our friends at Metromix took a tour of the soon to open Los Feliz in the Lower East Side, and we have to say, it looks kind of awesome. The former Suba space has been transformed into a multi-level den of tequila themed debauchery, including a "cobblestone-paved and graffiti-covered underground grotto". How can you go wrong with a grotto? Due to its location, we expect this place to be a shit-show on the weekends, but have high hopes for some tequila fueled weeknights.[Metromix]



Sneak Peak at McNally's Pizza Joint

A Little Birdy sends us this picture from inside Keith McNally's pending pizza joint at the corner of Bowery and Houston. The restaurant, which will be named Pulino’s Bar and Pizzeria, will be helmed by wonder boy Nate Appleman and is scheduled to open in December. We suggest getting a move on if they want to make that date.


Freemans Turns Five!

Freemans turns 5 years old this week, and to celebrate, Taavo, Will and the entire Freemans gang is offering customers $5 Artichoke Dip and $5 Freemans Cocktails from Tuesday 9/8 to Monday 9/14 (both lunch and dinner service). How nice of them, and congrats on making it this far. Do stop in and say hello!


Weekend Quick Hits: A Bevvy of Sadness

Take a day off and look what happens. The weekend was filled with a second DJ's death and news of multiple closings, rocking a hospitality industry that many thought was showing signs of recovery.

  • DJ AM was found dead in his apartment in Soho on Friday night from an apparent drug overdose. According to sources, "when they rolled him over, cops discovered a near-empty bag of crack stuck to his chest." Friends became alarmed when AM missed his flight to Vegas for a gig at the Palms and did not answer his cellphone, but by the time they got to his apartment, it was already too late. He will be missed.
  • In a restaurant shocker, Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield closed their 9 month old restaurant, the John Dory. The 2 star seafood joint was well reviewed, but according to Friedman, the lack of foot traffic killed their business. The staff will shift to the Breslin while the owners search for a new space to reopen.
  • The Griffin has already closed, just months after opening. This could be a clear sign that a standalone club may no longer be able to make it in the Meatpacking District 3.0.  Au Contraire! The Griffin has not closed, with owner Chris Reda saying, "This is absolutely, 150 percent not true. I don't even know where this came from. Business has been great. We have a seven-year lease and aren't closing before then."
  • Manhattan stalwart Cafe des Artistes has closed. Originally opened in 1917, the restaurant has been a beacon of Continental cuisine for legions of city residents and tourists looking to enjoy a gourmet meal in a gorgeous setting. Don't believe us? Check out the outpouring of love from the commenters who have special memories from CdA.

LES and MePa Keep Going

The renaissance of both the Meatpacking District and Lower East Side continue. Long after both neighborhoods ascended to their zeniths of cool and had been left for dead after their apparent demise, they continue to attract new money to help redo joints that failed when the music stopped the first time around. Today's examples?

  • The Daddy and Bowery Boogie get the jump on Los Feliz, a multi-level tequila and tacqueria on Ludlow that will soft open this Friday. In an anti-Esquina manner, it seems the top floor will offer food and drinks, and the further down you go, the more private it becomes. Eventurally, you'll arrive in the back room where, "under chandeliers as a DJ spins the perfect margarita-flavored soundtrack." We aren't sure if that means Jimmy Buffet or what. The place is brought to you by the LES powerhouses behind Spitzers Corner, so expect some way above average food. We hope. [UD/BB]
  • Metromix sits down David Graziano (Bagatelle, RDV, Kiss and Fly) to get the juice on his latest project, Gansevoort 69, in the former Florent space. DG says they will keep much of the feel of the old space, with some modern touches, including a possible roof deck next door for private events, as well as a discount card for employees who work in the area. What you should be most excited for? G 69 will be clean, since Graziano felt Florent had "a sense of dirtiness". [Metromix]

Pizza Still Reigns Supreme

We asked, and you answered that pizza (44% of the vote) is still the unequivocal king of late night food for drunks! We are guessing that price, accessibility and deliciousness all played a role in keeping pizza on top, and don't plan on thinking too much more about it. After all, pizza is amazing! But so is Katz's, fancy food, Chinatown, diners, etc etc, so try and spread some of your drunk love around. Just wear protection.


DBTH Poll: Your Favorite Drunk Food

We're gonna let you in on a little secret. When we drink a lot, we love to eat. Lucky for us, New York is full of amazing late night dining options. So on this gorgeous summer Friday, we pose the following question: What's Your Favorite Drunk Food? Our list is a bit general, so if we missed something, please drop it in the comments. And away we go.


Brother Jimmy's Crappy Press Release

Hey Brother Jimmy's - you just turned 20 years old. How do you want to celebrate? How about we get Robert Iler and Lance Bass to come down and pose for some crappy pictures, and then pay a PR firm to email them to people and hopefully get some publicity? Great idea! Here's the critical info, " Friends of Brother Jimmy’s were in party mode at the 20th Birthday Bash. Swamp Water was plentiful, the BBQ was never ending and the good times were rolling." Sounds fascinating.  Here's to another 20 years of serving up some of New York's finest hogg mogg, blowing out your guests O-rings, and keeping the Charmin Paper Company in the brown. Ooops, we mean black.


CB3 Throws Koi Back In Pond

Last night, the folks from Koi took their case to the open minded members of Community Board 3. As we predicted, things did not go so well. We guess that their open pre-meeting didn't help sway the Board members, who are the only ones who matter. Is it salvageable? For Koi's sake, it better be. For you see, time is running out on their lease at the Bryant Park Hotel, and a Little Birdy tells us that they are desperate to find a permanent home for their delicious, expense account friendly Japanese cuisine. So buying this building and creating a massive restaurant and lounge space would be the perfect solution, letting the brothers Koi own the building that housed their popular business. Too bad it's located at Ground Zero of CB 3's no license zone. Perhaps they should take our suggestion and attempt to speak with the board members on an individual basis, hear their concerns, and attempt to create a plan that works for both Koi and the Community Board. Otherwise, it ain't ever gonna happen.