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A Crime Filled Weekend

While some of us were enjoying ourselves this weekend, a few others were stung by the seedier side of nightlife.

Radar Online reports that a man was stabbed at Goldbar on Saturday night as nightlife hound John Mayer looked on. Apparently, a man and woman got into a fight before there was a commotion, with an onlooker reporting, "The man had been stabbed in the stomach and there was blood everywhere". At Goldbar. Never a good sign. Meanwhile, The Post reports that a trio of sexy girls has been scamming drunk men by "picking them up at high-end nightclubs and pickpocketing their wallets and phones" and taking "the men to ATMs and sidled up to them as they withdrew money, later using pinched bank cards and pilfered PIN codes to tap the victim's accounts." The women were arrested last week after robbing a drunk private equity attorney in their tinted out car. Goes to show that crime never pays.



An Evening At: The Boom Boom Room

[Image Via]

Hello, Boom Boom Room. After several hours of pre-gaming, we were ready to make our initial trip up the elevator's to Andre Balazs' newest pleasure palace high above the High Line. Good call on our part. The beginning of the evening was a private get together for Andre and his friends and the second part of the night opened up a bit. By the time we rolled in, the initial shit show had thinned out and the Boom Boom Room was going off. Our initial reaction was pure WOW. The space is gorgeous, with a bar anchoring the center of the room and floor to ceiling windows offering patrons stunning views in every direction. While the bar is in center field, the tables ring the venue, giving the guests who occupy the soft, tan couches the opportunity to stare out into the Manhattan night.

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Weekend Wrap Up: Rose, Jane and Boom Boom Room

If you were following the twaffic this weekend, you would know that we were enjoying some choice nights out on the town. If not, then we suggest you decide to follow us so you can stay up to date. But here are some hangover observations from some very late nights.

Friday evening found us at The Gramercy Park Hotel for the Rose Sessions featuring the Black Keys. We hadn't been to the Rose Bar in a good long while, and we found her to be in excellent shape. We settled into our table at the center of the room, sipping some delicious DeLeon cocktails and getting ready for the show. The room was silly packed with a glamorous crowd which reinforced our belief that when Rose Bar makes the effort, it is pretty hard to beat. The Keys came on around 12:30 and were outstanding (see for yourself), rocking the room with an hour plus set that had the walls shaking. We heard rumors that the party was headed to the 3rd Floor after the show, but we decided to call it a night.

Saturday at the Jane and going Boom Boom, right this way.

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The Boom Boom's Bathroom

Another shot courtesy of Olivier Zahm. This time it's a sneak peak of the bathroom at the Boom Boom Room at the Standard, which will have windows with a view and glass floors looking all the way down to street level. And like the Jane, these babies are very private.


Fashion Week Lineup At The Gates

For those who want to know, here is The Gates full lineup of Fashion Week events over the coming days.

Wednesday September 9th

  •  11pm - Official NIMA after show party feat. music by Marc-Alan Grey and Kieren Taylor

Thursday Sepember 10th

  •  11pm - Ford Models Fashion Week Party feat. music by DJ Reach

Friday September 11th

  •  11:30pm - Carlos Campos after show party feat. music by DJ Drek Martinez

Saturday September 12th

  •  12am - Style 360 Fashion Week Party with sponsors Elle Magazine and Sephora among others feat. music by DJ Equal

Sunday September 13th

  •  11pm - Derek Lam Fashion Week after show party.

Jane Fills The Nightlife Void

Speaking of Purple Magazine, founder Olivier Zahm hit his personal diary recently with this pic, saying "Since Beatrice had to close, the bar of the Jane Hotel fills the nightlife void".


The Standard Is Going Boom Boom Room

We are just days away from the beginning of Fashion Week, which means we are just days away from the opening of the Standard's roof top bar, the Boom Boom Room. The space, towering high above the High Line park, is certainly one of the most anticipated openings to hit New York in a long time. According to our Little Birdy, the Boom Boom Room is jaw-droppingly awesome, with floor to ceiling windows offering magnificent views in every direction. But the kicker is the portions of the room that have glass floors, offering views 18 stories down to the ground. Hope that doesn't make you too jumpy. The festivities kick off Saturday night with a private party and then Purple Magazine takes over on Sunday for what is sure to be a wild fiesta. Boom Boom!


More Abe & Arthur's Chatter 

The gossip will flow when you are about to open. Today it's Abbe Diaz's turn (on the recently redesigned Px This) to wade into the Abe and Arthur's pool, discussing the potential profitability of the restaurant, the likelihood of diners accessing Simyone after their meal, and just who put their own cash into the deal. According to the post, "I heard those guys are in deep with their own personal cash. And they might be cash poor. I know someone who was interviewing for a position… they just lowballed him all day long… it’s like The Inn [at Little West 12th] all over again… We all know how that turned out…."

UPDATE: Eater gets the first shot inside the restaurant which officially opens on 9/18 AND the iCrave juice on the design, which features "Tanned leathers, waxen, oak flooring in the main room and dark carpeting on the mezzanine, and clean, white tablecloths accent the room, while custom light fixtures engulf the space in intimate, canopied light." It's a little different than we thought it would look.


Inside Abe & Arthur's and Simyone

Feast your eyes on the renderings for Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum's latest project, Abe and Arthur's and Simyone, that is poised to make a big splash opening during Fashion Week. Abe and Arthur's, lovingly named after the owners' grandfathers, will feature Franklin Becker's cuisine, including a sure to be delicious (and expensive) burger with Pat LaFrieda meat. The over/under for the burger's price is set at $20, and for what it's worth, we are taking the over. The downstairs will be the Simyone lounge (seen above), whose door will be tightly guarded by doorman extraordinare Aalex Juian. Just make sure you know his standards before trying to get inside. Like our LB described a few days ago, both the restaurant and nightclub are filled with light woods and stainless steel finishes, and just look at those darling bottle service tables and banquettes. Just perfect for storing bottles and mixers. Who is excited? We are excited!

All the renderings you could ever want, after the jump!

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675 Bar Gets a Dose of Kid Rock

Back in the day, an arrival of a celebrity performer or DJ normally went unannounced, giving the lucky patrons who were in attendance a real thrill and story to share with their friends. Like, "awww man, then Salt and Peppa showed up and did Push It. It was crazy!" So we chuckled over just how far we've come when we saw 675's tweets that Kid Rock had shown up last night and taken over the DJ booth, screaming to the masses to get over to the Meatpacking basement to check out the show. But with only 583 followers (one of whom is on their death bed), was it an effective tool to drum up business for Kid's set or future nights? You tell us.


Su Casa is Officially Open

Good news for all of you who aspire to drink above fast food restaurants. The Mexican themed Su Casa is officially open for business. The space hosted a friends and family night a few weeks back, and the official grand opening party will be in a few weeks. Early reviews from the shillers on Yelp are positive, especially for bathroom design. Go now before it's overrun.


Updated Plans for Former Kim's

Is it possible that the former Kim's Video space on St Marks Place will not become a 5 story crap zone known as U2 Karaoke Lounge? According to signs recently posted in the window, the answer is maybe. The recently added pictures show a mini-market taking over the ground floor area, complete with dining area, leading one to believe that the new leaseholders had scrapped their karaoke dreams. But alas, could there be competing uses for the space? Apparently so, since the latest CB 3 calendar shows a J&S Saint Marks Inc applying for a restaurant wine license at the building's address. So while it won't be 5 stories of karaoke craziness, we will probably get 3. Pending approval.