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Save the Beatrice Invades Cooper Square

The much discussed Save the Beatrice affair did indeed take place Friday night in the penthouse of the Cooper Square Hotel. The Beatrice Inn staff spread the word Friday afternoon to regular patrons to come by the glassy box tower on the Bowery for some old school Beatrice fun, albeit in a much more modern space - complete with a wrap-around balcony and amazing views. Here's how one Little Birdy summed it up:

It was the usual debauchery with the penthouse taken over. There was free drinks at the bar an in he bathtub. people were peeing in the showers and dancing on the wrap around terrace. It was really fun. Angelo and Todd only let in people they knew.

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The End of the Speakeasy Era

New York is sick of the speakeasy! At least that's what we are gathering from our unscientific DBTH Poll, where 41% of those who votes declared No Mas! If you add in the 36% of respondents who were ambivalent about the speakeasy movement, you get an overwhelming 77% of our readership who want to see this era put down. How's that for a Cock Tease!


Merkato 55 Brunch Goes Annual?

Has the craptastic, bacchanalian brunch party at Merkato 55 shifted from a weekly event to an annual one? GoaG says "The Koch brothers are back from their trip to Miami and their annual brunch party welcomed them back in full force." We could only be so lucky. It's more likely that the party's hired mouthpiece didn't know that annual means once a year, not once a week. Expect there to be a large crowd of glitter monkeys lined up tomorrow afternoon for bad food, house music, and being sprayed by cheap Rose. Arms Up!

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Holiday's Aggressive Advertising Campaign

The Holiday Cocktail Lounge has unleashed an aggressive advertising campaign, posting their famous signs on various poles along St Marks Place. This one was found outside Yakitori Taisho between Second and Third Avenues, offering $3.00 Millers and $3.00 shots of Cuervo, Jack or Jager (the most popular shot in the EV). This ain't no Happy Hour offer either - this deal goes all night. Unfortunately it's only for Wednesday and Thursday, so file this in your Newton for next week.


New Secret Hidden Bar

Ugh, another secret basemdent speakeasy in the East Village. This one is so secret that Grub Street won't even tell you where it is, only that it is in a back room off of a non-descript fast food joint. According to GS:

You walk into a downtown burrito joint. On the surface, it looks like any other guac-slinging operation. But to your left is a mysterious flight of stairs. Head up them and open the unmarked door that seems to be only for employees, and you’ll be inside a low-ceilinged room awash in a sexy blue hue. There are U-booths in the back, à la PDT or Milk & Honey. Toward the front, two-tops across from a marble bar. The official word is that the hidden spot has yet to snag a liquor license, but, ahem, we were up there last night, weren’t we?

We guess they were up there, but it doesn't mean they have to rub it in our faces. When we asked for the location so ourselves could check it out, editor Daniel Maurer refused, saying "I’ll reveal the locay soon enough, but want to see if anyone else can sniff it out." Where's the love?

As for a guess, you know it ain't Chipotle. We are guessing Pinche on Lafayette, even though we aren't sure it has a second floor. It just works.


More Beatrice Inn Updates

More information continues to leak out following last week's closure of the Beatrice Inn, so here goes.

  • The Observer's Daily Transom discovers the DOB complaint, showing the Bea was 38 people over capacity at the time of the raid, had an illegal PA system  PA Violations, and lacked adequate egress in case of an emergency.
  • The DT also discovers that Beatrice owes some $23,000 in fines due to various stop work order complaints
  • Finally, a commenter writes: "I was across the street for a very late lunch around 5 and watched police breaking down the door. They said it was being seized and would not reopen as the Beatrice Inn."

All of this adds up to not being very good news. While some on the Beatrice staff thought they could reopen this week after settling some of these various issues, it seems as if the authorities are dead set against shutting it down for good. Sigh. We await the final verdict.


Good Morning!

To start your week off, we bring you this image of one of the precious Eldridge Membership cards inserted into some choice dog doo. Why? Because we can. Let's all have a great week.


Breaking News: Beatrice Inn Shuttered Again

The rumors we heard yesterday turned out to be true. Our favorite little dancing den, the Beatrice Inn, has once again been shut down. A Little Birdy writes, "why is beatrice closed? gate up lights out closed. it's friday night." We can only assume it is related to some crackdown by DOH or FDNY (smoking related), but have emailed management for an update. We will certainly keep you posted.


The Box is Cutting Costs

While enjoying ourselves at the Curbed/EDGE soiree last night, a Little Birdy whispered to us that the Box is in cost cutting mode, forcing its performers and freelance staff to take paycuts in what were not huge salaries to begin with. The Box still draws a crowd, albeit not the same $900 bottle crowd from its opening, and is still attracting top notch events, such as the opening party for Topshop last night. But we can't help but think that the little supper club may not be long for this city.


Some Things Are Still Going Strong

The daily news sure does contain a lot of doom and gloom, so we were pleased to receive a pleasant report from a Little Birdy, who says:

so i did a lil celebrating for my birthday on a wed night w a dinner party at la esquina at 10pm. place was amazingly packed and busy for this economic climate. Bar was 3-4 deep and moving. Great looking crowd. Took the party then to Goldbar which was quite busy for a wed nite too. Both places seem to be surviving quite well in the current climate. It was like nyc never missed a beat.

We know a thing or two about celebrating at La Esquina and Goldbar, and have noticed the same thing. Quality places that made good real estate deals and can manage costs will make it through. It doesn't mean that their revenue and profit hasn't been hurt, but they will make it through.

What other places have you noticed to be recession proof? Let's hear it!


DBTH Poll Results: How to Tip?

DBTH asked, and you answered! Our recent poll on How to Properly Tip a Bartender drew over 400 votes (at last count) and a lot of attention from our friends at the Times (Hi Frank!), Grub Street and Eater. After 2 days of voting, almost 69% of you said that $1 a drink is the proper amount, while a tip based off the quality of service received 19% of the votes. It seems that bartenders should not get their hopes up about bringing in more dough for slinging ordinary drinks and cracking open bottles, while mixologists should be raking in some additional cash for those delicious and more expensive concoctions. Thanks everyone for participating, even you miserly 1% who don't know what a tip is!


DBTH Poll: Proper Tips for Bartenders

A recent post by a Seattle bartender got our attention by proclaiming that the standard $1 per drink tip is no longer appropriate, saying that "If you have received adequate service, it's best to leave about eighteen percent of your total bill for a tip. If you have received excellent service, go for about twenty-five or thirty percent so the bartender knows how well they did." As in, thanks for pouring me that $14 shot of whiskey, here's another $3 for a job well done. Let's hear how you, our faithful readers, feel about this by participating in the latest DBTH Poll.