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Backstage At The Breslin

DBTH recently got a backstage tour of the Breslin, April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman's new gastropub project at the Ace Hotel. The place has been progressing quickly since the last tours went through the space, and they are committed to being ready for the upcoming FergusStock celebration on October 17.  A few heady nuggets of intel: The wine list will feature 100 wines for under $100; SixPoint will be brewing a special Breslin Ale, and there will be multiple spaces used for aging meat! The kitchen for the hotel and event space is about to be up and running, and they expect to offer a full room service menu and lobby snacks (charcuterie, meat pies, cheeeeeese) by next week. We also got a sneak peak of the massive event space in the basement, which is progressing nicely. While not the Boom Boom or the Jane, the space can hold 200 people for an event, and has the capability of hosting anything from a fashion show to a concert. All in all, color us impressed and excited for opening night.


Le Souk Heads Back to CB 3

Memo to Hollywood: If you are looking for your next sitcom idea, may we suggest the interplay between Community Board 3 and the owners of Le Souk? You see, CB 3 hates Le Souk and the noise, fights, and congestion it creates on Avenue B. The members went so far as to successfully lobby for its closure. We are assuming that Le Souk also hates CB 3, since they always complain about their business and went so far as to have them shut down. But then Le Souk got the upper hand and had their license reinstated, thus infuriating the Community Board. It's an endless dance that will soon continue, as Le Souk now must return to face their foes on October 13 for a License Renewal Hearing. D'oh! Le Souk is listed under the dreaded "Renewal With Complaint History" heading, right at the top of the list. We are sure that the whole angry posse will show up to complain about this one, and thus the circle remains unbroken. We told you it had sitcom potential. Now excuse us as we go call our agent.


Reports From The Field

It's not all Boom Boom Room for DBTH. We do like to check out lots of places in New York and keep your abreast of what we are seeing out there. Enjoy our Reports from the Field!

  • We checked out Le Fooding at PS 1 on Friday night. Amazing art, pretty well organized, great tunes by Paul Sevigny, horrible party. Why is it that New Yorkers will stand in line for up to 30 minutes just for a bite of food? We will never understand it. The long lines turned what could have been a fun night into a snooze fest, with everyone waiting for food and not trying to enjoy themselves. Additional negative was the booze situation. It was plentiful, but if you were in the VIP room and had 3 drink tickets and wanted 3 glasses of wine or 3 glasses of champagne, it became a capital offense. Each ticket was supposed to be for a specific drink, with bartenders fearing for their job if they were to break policy. Newsflash - no one is digging through your garbage to make sure every torn ticket in your bucket says wine. Just give us the drink.
  • Post Le Fooding, we headed to the ping pong club Spin New York for the Phoenix/Passion Pit afterparty. Hello shit show. A combination of overzealous PR and security made this party a serious dud, and we exited stage right in under an hour. Take some advice from DBTH - if there are 300 people in the back room while the main room is empty, perhaps you should hold the party in the main room. One and done for Spin.
  • We've always wanted to drink serious cocktails above a fast food burrito chain, so we decided to check out Su Casa. Big. Mistake. What we thought was going to be a tapas and Mexican theme cocktail bar was like a frat party. We descended the stairs and discovered abundance of people poorly dancing to bad hip hop. 45 seconds later, we were out the door. It may be a new record of time spent in a venue, so congrats to Su Casa for that.

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting At 1OAK

A trusted Little Birdy was out and about this weekend and filed an amazing report after a night at Simyone and 1OAK. We'll let our LB take it from here:

Saw some interesting things last night when I stopped by Simyone (SL) which was filled with a very hot crowd, also lots of celebs, models, industry people.  Jay z, russel simmons, gossip girl cast members, Ryan Leslie, etc.  Around 1:30-2ish the celebs emptied out and all flocked to 1oak...  I followed suit soonafter and eventually made my way to Andre Harrells table (it was his birthday)...  Oddly enough later on Mark Birnbaum shows up and had an altercation with Richie Akiva in the hallway right where you walk into 1oak...  It was mostly just Mark pushing Richie a few times and Richie not doing much... One of the managers Frank was right there, also Binn was there and looked on in disbelief.  Eventually Mark walked into the club and went to richies table but this was definitely not a friendly meeting as glasses and bottles were broken during the scuffle when busboys were walking through.  Also saw Eugene Remm at 1oak... Obviously Simyone can't be doing that well if they lose all their celebs to 1oak and have to party there themselves...

A real pushing match! Broken glasses and bottles! Celebrities fleeing one club for another en masse! We haven't been this excited since Satsky took Birnbaum down at Houston's. Obviously it's never a good sign if everyone up and abandons your new club at 1:30 on a Friday night, but must we resort to violence? How unbecoming! But as for Simyone not doing that well, well, everyone needs to calm down. The place has barely been open for 3 weeks. It's not going anywhere anytime soon.


The Back Room is Still Open?!

We loved yesterday's story about Tim Bassett, the former ABA and NBA player who fought adversity and blunt racism while playing for Georgia in the early 1970's, and is now the GM of the Back Room in the Lower East Side. We really loved the description of the bar in the piece,

The Back Room used to be a hangout during Prohibition, hence its discreet location. It even comes equipped with secret rooms and exits that were used to evade the police. Today, the covert bar is a nightspot for celebrities seeking a peaceful night out, and it has a general manager who can appreciate that desire for anonymity.

The Back Room is still open? Remember the drinks served in saucers? Memories! [NYT]


The Story Behind Pink Elephant

Last week, DBTH shared a rumor that Pink Elephant was being run by the M2 crew and that the Pink team was looking to take their game over to Room Service. But our preverbial itch wasn't scratched. We had to keep digging. So we got down and dirty with a Little Pink Birdy to get the full scoop. As you would expect, its full of hurt feelings, bruised egos and big plans. Let's get to it.

The breakup of the original Pink Elephant team is complete. The place is now being run solely by Rocco Ancarola and Joey Morrisey (M2), and will retain the Pink Elephant name for now. The ownership of the Pink Elephant Brand is very messy, and will require time, lawyers (and their fees), and a lot of deal making to work out. There is a tremendous mess involving many of the LLC's involved (remember the bankruptcy filing in Long Island this summer), so don't expect any resolution anytime soon. In the meantime, Pink Elephant will stay the same, attracting Euro's and their hangers on to 27th Street to dance to house music and giddily jump when they see sparklers in champagne bottles. The club is still pulling in some nice revenue after almost 5 years in the game, and no one who is still involved wants to impact that cash flow.

But what about the rest of the Pink team? Right this way . . .

Click to read more ...


Brinkley's In a New York State of Mind

DBTH checks in with our good friend Anthony Martignetti as he preps the opening of Brinkley's, their take on the classic pub serving a New York take on a classic pub menu. As for the beverage service, AM says, "The beers will all be brewed in ny state, and we will harve 8 tap lines, including three by Sixpoint and our own Sixpoint for Brinkleys Brittish ale. The wine list is all American, with bottles starting at $25." Not too shabby. And while the term rugby pub has been thrown around, Martignetti tells us, "Brinkleys is not a sports bar, and will only be showing games when truly interesting. There is not a focus on rugby per se, but an overall interest in soccer, champions league and other, rugby, and American football." Why no Aussie rules? The space was designed by the brothers Martignetti, since interior architecture and design are why they came to NYC in the first place. The plan is to open Brinkley's on October 15 for dinner and brunch, with lunch following sometime in the near future. Be sure to circle it on your calendars.


Flyer Follies: Simyone Opens Its Arms

If it's the end of September, it must mean that it's time for Jessica Gomes to celebrate her birthday with the EMM group. This year, she will be throwing it down with Ryan Leslie at the brand spanking new Simyone Lounge, unlike some people who are still stuck at TJ. Happy Birthday Jessica!



The Jane Seems Safe . . . For Now

It became completely apparent this week just how much the local community hates having the Jane Hotel as the home of New York's most popular nightclub. But it also became apparent that unless something drastic happens, the Jane is not going away anytime soon. But DBTH, how can you be so sure? Excellent question. You see, once the SLA issues a liquor license, it takes them an awfully long time to strip it away. The SLA also allows an operator who is in violation of their license agreement to continue to operate until a hearing is held to determine the fate of the license, giving the operator a chance to prove that they have made strides to fix the problems. Of course, New York City Agencies do have a coordinated team that rolls out en masse to investigate bars and venues that rack up numerous complaints, and we expect the Jane is on the list to be visited sometime very soon. That means they better have their ducks in row in terms of making sure no one under age is inside, there is no smoking, no capacity issues, etc etc. But unless it's egregious, the Jane will still stay open.

This neighborhood group is not a real force to be reckon with, but the City agencies and PD are. Our suggestion? Stop having live bands, do everything to fix the traffic issues, force patrons to enter from the West Side Highway side of the building, and make sure your security keeps everything in control inside the room. It may go a long way to fixing things before they get fixed for you.


Greenhouse vs Provocateur: It's On

We all know that Iron Mike Satsky and Mark Birnbaum were not the best of the friends, but a new battle is brewing between the Champ and Brian Gefter at Provocateur and Jon B., Barry Mullineaux and the Greenhouse crew. It seems that the Greenhouse team has bought the URL's for Provocateur and pointed them to the Greenhouse website. BURN! When asked for comment, a rep for Provacateur said, "This is like Payless stealing the Christian Louboutin domain name." DOUBLE BURN! Of course, Barry used to work with Satsky and Gefter at Stereo before teaming up with Jon B. at Greenhouse, and they will be going after the same clientele. But Provocateur is smack dab in the middle of the MPD, and Greenhouse is by the tunnel. Advantage: Provocateur! Maybe they should get Seven On Their Side to get their URL back. [NYP]


The Dirt on Kamil Parchomienko 

If you are still dying to get into the Boom Boom Room (which still isn't open to the public but will be soon), we suggest you make friends with GM Kamil Parchomienko, your key to the kingdom. A recently recharged Abbe Diaz has the most relevant info about Kamil, saying:

Those of us who know and/or remember former subMercer GM/Maitre d’ kamil-parchomienko (also of MercerKitchen, SunsetBeach, StandardMiami, and StandardLA) are of course totally delighted that kamil, the prodigal son, has returned to NYC after a loooong time away. hooray! oh but i kinda feel a little bad for him though, cuz i don’t know whether or not kamil will appreciate his name being alls out there right before he is about to open the hottest spot in town.

A bit of publicity never hurt anybody. That's how you get the glory.

UPDATE: Just so you know - that is not Kamil. Why would he be dressed in a waiter's uniform?


1OAK Loses A Team Member

A successful club needs more than just an A-list ownership group, doorman, DJ's and promotion team to thrive. If those front line people lack a trusted support staff, things begin to fall through the cracks, impacting the bottom line. According to a Little Birdy, 1OAK has lost a key part of their below the line crew, telling DBTH,

a bouncer at 1OAK has moved onto greener pastures after "they made him an offer he couldn't refuse".  "They" being recording artist & actor Drake who hired him to be his full time bodyguard.  He was the bouncer who stood guard at Richie Akiva's table next to the DJ booth which is supposedly now "in shambles" due to the replacement not being as tough in guarding the area where celebs are usually seated.  This was seen last weekend after the Jay-Z concert when Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Rihanna showed up to a packed 1OAK, with Richie Akiva at the helm not knowing where to seat them because of his table already being overcrowded.  This has created issues for the head of security because he would be the only one suited for the task of guarding the owners table but they need him at the front controlling the crowds and letting in all the regulars when Binn is drinking champagne with Mickey Rourke.

So if you think you are up for the job, head on over there and fill out an application. Tell them DBTH sent you.