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Save the Beatrice Invades Cooper Square

The much discussed Save the Beatrice affair did indeed take place Friday night in the penthouse of the Cooper Square Hotel. The Beatrice Inn staff spread the word Friday afternoon to regular patrons to come by the glassy box tower on the Bowery for some old school Beatrice fun, albeit in a much more modern space - complete with a wrap-around balcony and amazing views. Here's how one Little Birdy summed it up:

It was the usual debauchery with the penthouse taken over. There was free drinks at the bar an in he bathtub. people were peeing in the showers and dancing on the wrap around terrace. It was really fun. Angelo and Todd only let in people they knew.

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Standard NYC Update: June!

A day of crucial updates continues with a bit of intel from the Standard NYC. The hotel has been in soft opening since the beginning of 2009, but according to a Little Birdy from deep inside the Andre Balazs empire tells DBTH that the Standard should be fully open by June. Just a wee bit late, but we won't hold it against you. For those who can't wait, our LB says the restaurant space should be ready to go in 3-4 weeks, and the 18th Floor hospitality spaces should be ready by mid May. Standard!


Four Seasons Financial District On Hold

Larry Silverstein's plans to install a Four Seasons Hotel inside his residential tower at 99 Church Street have been put on hold indefinitely. The reason is standard - no effing financing, with Silverstein himself telling a recent New York Post/REBNY breakfast panel that the project "can't be done without financing". Lucky for you and every tourist, New York City is flush with luxury hotel options right now, and prices have never been lower. Lucky for Silverstein that when he does find financing, the market may have recovered and he can charge high enough prices to cover that sweet sweet debt service. [Via Real Estate Weekly]


Inside the Ace Hotel 

Last week, DBTH was invited to take a tour of the still under construction Ace Hotel, where construction delays have pushed the opening to April 1st. And while the delays are disappointing, the old adage "good things come to those who wait" certainly rings true. Taking over a still occupied landmark building and then renovating it room by room is no easy task. Ask the Jane folks. So the Ace team is taking its time, and making each room unique, both to existing NYC hotel stock and to each other. We saw the model room, which has been finished for some time. We also checked out one of the $99 bunk bed rooms, which any deal seeker would be lucky to grab while the rate lasts through the year. A Superior King room is spacious and airy, with 2 leather sleeper sofas and a table large enough to hold a board meeting or impromptu dinner party. A most spectacular 1 bedroom suite was still under construction. When finished, the corner room will feature a custom built circular sofa in the living area, a king bed, and killer views into Midtown.

And what about the rest . . .

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Happy Hour at Rose Bar?

A Little Birdy was perusing Yelp and came across this announcement, proclaiming that "the fabulous Rose Bar at Gramercy Park Hotel NYC is now open for Happy Hour from 5-8pm." We are fairly confident that this refers to the hours of operation rather than any Buy 1 Get 1 free offer, but we hope to hear tails of unsuspecting Yelpers planning a field trip and complaining about the $18 Manhattans.


An Evening At: Above Allen

A boutique hotel in the Lower East Side with an exclusive lounge that is in soft opening mode now, soon to be open only to guests and card carrying members. Been there, done that. But we decided it was our duty to check out Above Allen, the new lounge at the Thompson Lower East Side, to see if this was just more of the same, or if the space could distinguish itself as unique in a crowded field. The verdict? Dare we say a success? We dare. The greatest aspect of the lounge is its location 7 stories above ground, allowing its guests to seemingly hover above Allen St (get it), with breathtaking western views of Lower Manhattan and Midtown. The music was good, the scene was lively late into the evening, and the drinks, while on the expensive side, were certainly not eye gouging ($6 beer, $11 cocktails).

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Von Delivers More Bang For Your Buck

On a whim, we decided to pop into Von last night for a quick how's your father. Since we were feeling rather saucey, we decided to kick it old school with a Manhattan, knowing the bartenders at the joint always make a quality drink. We were dismayed when we were told the drink was $11, which we thought seemed more expensive than we remembered for the place. But the drink was a drink. Nice glass, great pour, strong and tasty. Now we know there are standard sizes for drinks, but in these Dow 7,000 days, big glasses of liquor helps ease everyone's pain. High praise for Von. Praise!


Remembering Le Baron

Photo Courtesy of CoterieDidn't make it to Le Baron this weekend? Too bad. New photo blogger Coterie was there to cover all of the juicy action, and has shots of all of your favorite faces. Our favorite was this one, which is apparently Mischa Barton. Looking good MB! The shots represent a snapshot in time of what it's like to transplant Paris into New York or blah blah blah. Blah blah.


On the Circuit: Belvedere IX

Last night, DBTH braved the wind on the Bowery for some free-flowin' Belvedere action at the launch of Belvedere IX. We are suckers for Le Baron aka the bar at the Bowery Hotel, and it failed us not. For entertainment, a screen involving a Belvedere IX cartoon character (adorbs) flashed above the dimly-lit bar and the Belvedere folk packed the house with cool kids while Paul Sevigney spun some excellent hipster-friendly tunes. We tried all of the cocktails, including a "deconstructed mojito" involving cotton candy which the southerner among us likened to a mint julep; and an "Andres Palmer" which came in its very own bottle, ala upscale Smirnoff Ice. Specialty shots abounded with a jello shot (ah, college) and a smores shot with a huge, perfectly burnt marshmellow (ah, sleepaway camp). Our collective sweet tooth and nostalgia effectively satisfied, we left happy (and drunky).

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