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Two E Opens in Pierre Hotel

Have you been dying for a $20 cocktail in a staid setting close to Central Park? Good news! The Pierre hotel has opened its revamped hotel bar, 2 E, aptly named for the hotel's address at 2 East 61st Street. Nifty by all accounts.


Terminal 5 Gets Roofied

One of the least loved music venues in New York got perhaps the best feature, as Terminal 5 opened up its amazing roof bar space last night. The space sports a plethora of seats, full bar, and bathroom, allowing concert goers to grab some respite from the hot mess that is Terminal 5. Despite the plethora of signage inside the venue, the large space never got too crowded last night, although we imagine that the pending heat of summer may change that going forward.

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Pig 'N' Whistle Is For Lovin'

The Pig 'N' Whistle is a well known, if unremarkable Midtown drinking establishment. But it holds a special place in some people's hearts. For example, there is a fellow who's girlfriend got Biblical with him and then went to the Pig & Whistle and got Biblical with his best friend. That's no good. The fellow turned to Craigslist to put their Biblical glass table up for sale, and got a bit personal. The key sentence includes "Don't let the glass top fool you. It's 3/8" thick, can take a pounding and cleans up fast". Snap.

The full post is after the jump, and is well worth it.

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Make a Monkey Bar Reservation

So you want in to Monkey Bar, but don't have a connection in Graydon Carter's office at Conde Nast? Don't fret, Monkey Bar is taking reservations via phone! How novel! All you have to do is call 212-308-2950 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays. Reservations are only available for up to a week in advance. CALL RIGHT NOW! [Via DJ]


Hudson Terrace Joins the Roof Party

It's not even April and the Roof Party is in full swing. First, 230 Fifth brings back the palm trees, and now we can tell you about Hudson Terrace, another new Midtown West locale that is there for your outdoor beverage needs. Located at 46th Street and the West Side Highway, Hudson Terrace is a former event space that has just made the transition to swank lounge. According to the intel, the design is "Palm Springs modern" and features private cabanas with individual heating/cooling units. Got to stay at 98.6, right? According to a DBTH reader, "The place is much nicer then 230 Fifth and the prices are more reasonable. I asked a manager if the prices will remain the same during the summer and he said yes. Because its smaller and not a central location they might have a shot a being a really nice space." Will it be an after work crowd heading that far west, or a 10-4 crowd? And will it steal HighBar and the Empire's crowd? Let's see how this shakes out.


230 Fifth Gets Its Tree On

The warm weather is a sure signal that Spring has arrived. It's time to give a big welcome back to Roof Bar Season! Crowd noise! The folks from 230 Fifth Avenue are ramping up by bringing back the 70 palm trees that owner Steven Greenberg sends to winter in Florida every year and introducing a new warm weather cocktail list. The rub? The drinks will run you a minimum of $15, with Champagne cocktails going even further for $17. We guess that the 230 Fifth team was looking for that sweet spot between the Minetta Tavern and the Eldridge. Ouch. But that price does come with some fresh air and a view, which may make the price a bit easier to handle. Just a bit.

Click through to see 230 Fifth's full spring/summer cocktail menu!

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