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Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting At 1OAK

A trusted Little Birdy was out and about this weekend and filed an amazing report after a night at Simyone and 1OAK. We'll let our LB take it from here:

Saw some interesting things last night when I stopped by Simyone (SL) which was filled with a very hot crowd, also lots of celebs, models, industry people.  Jay z, russel simmons, gossip girl cast members, Ryan Leslie, etc.  Around 1:30-2ish the celebs emptied out and all flocked to 1oak...  I followed suit soonafter and eventually made my way to Andre Harrells table (it was his birthday)...  Oddly enough later on Mark Birnbaum shows up and had an altercation with Richie Akiva in the hallway right where you walk into 1oak...  It was mostly just Mark pushing Richie a few times and Richie not doing much... One of the managers Frank was right there, also Binn was there and looked on in disbelief.  Eventually Mark walked into the club and went to richies table but this was definitely not a friendly meeting as glasses and bottles were broken during the scuffle when busboys were walking through.  Also saw Eugene Remm at 1oak... Obviously Simyone can't be doing that well if they lose all their celebs to 1oak and have to party there themselves...

A real pushing match! Broken glasses and bottles! Celebrities fleeing one club for another en masse! We haven't been this excited since Satsky took Birnbaum down at Houston's. Obviously it's never a good sign if everyone up and abandons your new club at 1:30 on a Friday night, but must we resort to violence? How unbecoming! But as for Simyone not doing that well, well, everyone needs to calm down. The place has barely been open for 3 weeks. It's not going anywhere anytime soon.


The Daddy Does Simyone

The Daddy wrangled their way inside the glam Simyone Lounge and seemed to generally enjoy their experience. But beware, the cost of a Johnny Black and Soda ran them $17, not including the $3 tip. Very pricey. The real question is, what they hell is the Daddy doing mixing anything with Johnny Black? We just lost most of our respect for them. [UrbanDaddy]


More Abe & Arthur's Chatter 

The gossip will flow when you are about to open. Today it's Abbe Diaz's turn (on the recently redesigned Px This) to wade into the Abe and Arthur's pool, discussing the potential profitability of the restaurant, the likelihood of diners accessing Simyone after their meal, and just who put their own cash into the deal. According to the post, "I heard those guys are in deep with their own personal cash. And they might be cash poor. I know someone who was interviewing for a position… they just lowballed him all day long… it’s like The Inn [at Little West 12th] all over again… We all know how that turned out…."

UPDATE: Eater gets the first shot inside the restaurant which officially opens on 9/18 AND the iCrave juice on the design, which features "Tanned leathers, waxen, oak flooring in the main room and dark carpeting on the mezzanine, and clean, white tablecloths accent the room, while custom light fixtures engulf the space in intimate, canopied light." It's a little different than we thought it would look.


Inside Abe & Arthur's and Simyone

Feast your eyes on the renderings for Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum's latest project, Abe and Arthur's and Simyone, that is poised to make a big splash opening during Fashion Week. Abe and Arthur's, lovingly named after the owners' grandfathers, will feature Franklin Becker's cuisine, including a sure to be delicious (and expensive) burger with Pat LaFrieda meat. The over/under for the burger's price is set at $20, and for what it's worth, we are taking the over. The downstairs will be the Simyone lounge (seen above), whose door will be tightly guarded by doorman extraordinare Aalex Juian. Just make sure you know his standards before trying to get inside. Like our LB described a few days ago, both the restaurant and nightclub are filled with light woods and stainless steel finishes, and just look at those darling bottle service tables and banquettes. Just perfect for storing bottles and mixers. Who is excited? We are excited!

All the renderings you could ever want, after the jump!

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Abe & Arthur's Gets an Early Thumbs Up

A Little Birdy happened upon Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum's soon to open Abe and Arthur's last night and followed the following report:

I walked by the abe and arthurs space last night and the construction door was wide open.  Took a peek in and I was pretty impressed with how slick the place looked.  Yellow lighting, and lots of stainless steel/dark wood.  Very spacious look to it.

Hmm, yellow lighting, stainless steel, dark wood. Sounds just like a Williamsburg condo to us. We all know how well those turned out. Our LB's BlackBerry died while taking a picture, so unfortunately we are just going to have to take their word for it.


Abe & Arthur's Burger = Disgusting?

Update from the much hyped Abe & Arthur's Burger Tasting this weekend at the Estate, with a DBTH commenter reporting "the burgers were disgusting!!!! over-rated, i'd rather go down the block and eat at pop burger!" Guess that unique blend of 3 meats didn't work out so well. Back to the drawing board. On the bright side, they did have the female stars of 90210 and Twilight there, so the weekend wasn't a total bust.


Flyer Follies: Abe & Arthur's

Hey - it's July 4th weekend! Hoooooray! If you are lacking plans and love burgers, why not head over to the Estate, where EuEu, MBirn and the ENTIRE EMM family (that means everyone!) will be debuting the Abe & Arthur Burger this weekend. Delicious and patriotic, how can you beat that combo? Bring your own napkins.


Can Jamie Foxx Lure You to Jersey?

Tonight is the grand opening gala for Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum's new lounges, The Chandelier Room and The Living Room, at the W Hoboken. Yeehaw. To commemorate the event, they have lined up a special Live Performance by Jamie Foxx, Music by DJ Cassidy, and a fireworks show beginning at 9:45pm. But is any of that enough to get enough NYC revellers to head through the tunnel for a 7:00 start? We guess that people are willing to try everything once, but going forward, why not just market to the Hoboken and Jersey City crowds that may be looking for some upscale hotel fun? We recommend skipping the trek out there, having a drink at the Rusty Knot and watching the fireworks from the good side of the river.


Come Have Fun in the Chandelier Room

Last year, DBTH broke the news that Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum would be bringing their EMM Group fun to Hoboken by opening a lounge at the soon to open W Hotel. Eugene sent out a blast this morning, saying

EMM Group is pleased to announce our expansion into the hotel-lounge business with the opening of The Chandelier Room and The Living Room Bar at the W Hoboken on March 27th, 2009. The 4,000-square-foot indoor-outdoor venue will reinvent the concept of the traditional hotel lounge. Providing guests and residents alike with an expansive river view, the New York skyline serves as the ultimate backdrop as after work cocktails transition to an ideal night out. The Chandelier Room will set a new standard for great energy, great music and great service in the incredibly diverse city of Hoboken,NJ.

Not said is how they will "reinvent the concept of the traditional hotel lounge", but we won't sweat those details. Hoboken has never been known for its glitzy nightlife, but maybe this will be the spark that lights the flame. Or a fancy hotel bar. Like the man said, the space opens on March 27th, and the room, pictured above, is resplendent with chandeliers. Natch.