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Sneak Peak at McNally's Pizza Joint

A Little Birdy sends us this picture from inside Keith McNally's pending pizza joint at the corner of Bowery and Houston. The restaurant, which will be named Pulino’s Bar and Pizzeria, will be helmed by wonder boy Nate Appleman and is scheduled to open in December. We suggest getting a move on if they want to make that date.


That's So Dow 14,000: Minetta's $14 Cocktails

By all accounts,  Keith's McNally's meticulously restored Minetta Tavern is a home run. The West Village classic is getting rave reviews for its menu and cocktail program, and non VIP's have been relegated to the dreaded 5:00 PM or 11:30 PM reservation options. Recently, we decided to pop in there on an off night to check the space out and sit at the bar to enjoy its cocktail program. Upon entering, we got what everyone was talking about. The Minetta's updating was indeed perfection, creating an authentic vibe that screams Manhattan. While every table was packed, the bar area had just enough space to sip a drink or two. But while we had already seen the cocktail menu, trying to choose from it brought on a wave of disgust. Did we really want to spend $14 on an Old Tom Collins or a Ginger In the Rye (a modified Dark and Stormy)? The answer was simply "no". Perhaps the re-design harkened us back to the now gone boom time, when clamoring for the right to overpay for drinks delivered some kind of payoff. But like Grant Achatz's belief that molecular gastronomy's time may be gone, so too may be the time of the $14 drink. $2.50 a sip ain't what it used to be.

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Comment of the Week: Bumming on Minetta

Keith McNally's Canadian mistake has one commenter feeling sad:

...Are you telling me Keith McNally doesn't know what bourbon is? The guy is offered $100 million for this incredible business he's built and he makes a rookie error on the menu at his new place? Would be like Bill Gates not knowing what a hard drive is. Ugh. Mr. McNally: for the sake of bourbon lovers across the city--fix your menu.


Minetta Shows Some Canuck Love

Behold the Minetta Tavern's extensive cocktail menu and spirit list, featuring what seems like some very tasty, if not expensive, cocktails and a variety of choice liquors. Of particular delight is a special section dedicated to Canadian bourbons, which have taken a backseat to the  Americans labels in the past few years. Canadian Club for everyone, courtesy of DBTH! [Via Thrillist]