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The Jane Seems Safe . . . For Now

It became completely apparent this week just how much the local community hates having the Jane Hotel as the home of New York's most popular nightclub. But it also became apparent that unless something drastic happens, the Jane is not going away anytime soon. But DBTH, how can you be so sure? Excellent question. You see, once the SLA issues a liquor license, it takes them an awfully long time to strip it away. The SLA also allows an operator who is in violation of their license agreement to continue to operate until a hearing is held to determine the fate of the license, giving the operator a chance to prove that they have made strides to fix the problems. Of course, New York City Agencies do have a coordinated team that rolls out en masse to investigate bars and venues that rack up numerous complaints, and we expect the Jane is on the list to be visited sometime very soon. That means they better have their ducks in row in terms of making sure no one under age is inside, there is no smoking, no capacity issues, etc etc. But unless it's egregious, the Jane will still stay open.

This neighborhood group is not a real force to be reckon with, but the City agencies and PD are. Our suggestion? Stop having live bands, do everything to fix the traffic issues, force patrons to enter from the West Side Highway side of the building, and make sure your security keeps everything in control inside the room. It may go a long way to fixing things before they get fixed for you.


Say a Prayer for the Jane

For all that's been said about the Beatrice Inn, no one ever started a website to document their gripes about it. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the Jane Hotel, where the Jane Ballroom has inspired a blog The Nightmare on Jane Street to let the world know about just how horrible things have become in the once sleepy corner of the West Village. Beyond the video seen above, NOJS has been covering each big night with a blow-by-blow account, including:

  • And everything bad about Fashion Week has descended on the Jane Hotel.  The traffic guys are debuting their neon orange coats–this must be in an honor of the festivities, because it certainly isn’t keeping the traffic moving along.  Music thumping through the walls, calling 311.
  • Apparently the existing sound system (which shakes the neighboring walls) is not loud enough for this evening’s event!  Apparently these guys told Community Board 2 that “music would be background only.”  Is this set-up just for decoration?  Maybe they are hosting Mime Rock tonight!
  • Live band seems to be finished but quickly replaced with a DJ.  Music thumping through the windows.  Orange coats yelling at taxis.  Obnoxious French people who didn’t get in cursing and smoking outside the window.  Oh, and turns out cops were here earlier to deal with some disorderly person who got kicked out.

There are not many things that would make rich neighbors long for a run-down SRO, but I guess living next to the hottest nightclub in New York will make a person pretty desperate. No matter, the chances of the Jane losing their license before it is up for renewal (unless they are found to be breaking the law or have imminent code violations) is almost nil. But we certainly love to watch the show! [Via Curbed]


Channeling Your Inner MacGyver

Still looking for a way to get into the Jane? One cheeky Little Birdy who is neither weird nor old channeled their inner MacGyver to breach the hotspot, saying "best way to get into the jane is to use a butter knife or screwdriver to pop open the emergency exit door on the 2nd floor which leads right into the VIP balcony! I'm a skinny white dork and was hanging with tommy hilfigger on Thursday night! Holler! Pro tip - if the door says "emergency exit alarm will sound" at a nightclub, chances are it wont." We never support vandalism or B&E, but do admire their ingenuity. Expect one of the Jane's Hells Angels-esque security guards to be positioned at the spot from now on.


How to Get Into the Jane

Have you still not managed to party at Jane Hotel yet? What is wrong with you? Seriously. If you have tried and failed, our good friends at the Daddy managed to get some advice on cracking the door from Lyz who works the Jane door every Tuesday and Thursday. Key takeaways:

Who gets in: "You have to be awesome, cool or really funny." But if you aren't deemed awesome, she suggests being weird, because "If there is someone really weird, I'll be like: yeah, go ahead."

Who doesn't get in: People who wait, since, "No one has ever gotten in by waiting. Ever."

Exceptions to the Rules: "I have a special affinity for cheesy hot New Jersey–type girls, sometimes. Also, grandma and grandpa types that come out."

Now we know where to take Grandma next time she is in town! All in all, she sounds like she really knows whats up, especially after her years of training at the Tribeca Grand and Maritime Hotel. Now if she could just do something about the music.


Weekend Wrap Up: Rose, Jane and Boom Boom Room

If you were following the twaffic this weekend, you would know that we were enjoying some choice nights out on the town. If not, then we suggest you decide to follow us so you can stay up to date. But here are some hangover observations from some very late nights.

Friday evening found us at The Gramercy Park Hotel for the Rose Sessions featuring the Black Keys. We hadn't been to the Rose Bar in a good long while, and we found her to be in excellent shape. We settled into our table at the center of the room, sipping some delicious DeLeon cocktails and getting ready for the show. The room was silly packed with a glamorous crowd which reinforced our belief that when Rose Bar makes the effort, it is pretty hard to beat. The Keys came on around 12:30 and were outstanding (see for yourself), rocking the room with an hour plus set that had the walls shaking. We heard rumors that the party was headed to the 3rd Floor after the show, but we decided to call it a night.

Saturday at the Jane and going Boom Boom, right this way.

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The Meatpacking District is Fun!

It seems that the 42% of you who felt that Meatpacking District was returning to its former nightlife glory may have been on to something. According to some sexy young things interviewed by NY Post, the MePa is back! Fully!

  • Francesca Vuillemin would never be caught dead in the MPD prior to this summer. Why? She says "I was very disturbed by this area because it was very uncultured." But now the Jane is open, and it's changed everything. "They've brought in something really beautiful. It's still opulent, but there's something tamed about it . . . and I love the taxidermy even though I'm a vegan." OK
  • "If you get the idea out of your head that it's Meatpacking, you can have a really fun time." - Rachelle Hruska

In less than 12 months, the area has now become cultured and absolutely a place to spend your weekends, as long as you convince yourself that you really aren't in the Meatpacking District. Perfect.


An Evening At: The Jane Hotel

Ah, the Jane Hotel. It's great. So great, that we are giving it the innaugural Best Place to Party Award for 2009. It's like a shabby, rowdy, underground version of Rose Bar, and maybe not so underground since everyone who's anyone is showing up. We checked out the new spot the other night with our new BFF, reknowned nightlife photog who we shall refer to as PM. We rolled over after a booze-filled dinner at Employees Only to find some of his photog assistants already at the Jane snapping away. Reasons we love it? Let us count thee:

  • Practically no door. Models, society types, B&T, tourists... pick your flavor. It's like the 80's.
  • $6 beers.
  • Table service (read: no bottle service).
  • Rules? We don't need no stinking rules. We observed not a single security person on premise. This means dancing on furniture, general debauchery and...

Do you like to party? You know, like, really party? Then we think the Jane and its many bathrooms may be the place for you.

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Jane Ballroom Opens Next Tueday

We told you that the Jane Ballroom had quietly begun hosting events, and now it's poised for its public opening next Tuesday. Uncle Steve brought what seems like his disposable camera to the space and got a tour from Sean Macpherson, and beyond his normal hyperbole, describes it as a cross bewteen Spy Bar and Rose Bar. The grainy images do give off the vibe, with the uncomfortableness of the Bowery lobby thrown in for good measure. Like we said and Steve reiterates, the roof ain't ready, and won't be licensed until sometime in the late summer or early fall. [BB]