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Hey Georgica - Where's Our Dinner?

More from the DBTH complaint line. A Little Birdy spent a weekend in the Hamptons and decided to grab dinner at Georgica, Matt Levine's summer outpost. According to our LB, it may be a good idea to show up on a full stomach, telling us "went for a birthday dinner with some buddies...4 girls 3 guys...
to make a long story short...THEY RAN OUT OF FOOD! 3 of the girls dishes Didn't COME OUT! and half a dish came out for get make up for it they just kept brining us glasses of vodka! ( never bringing us our orders!). They said they had placed to little orders that day and didn't have enough food to serve us! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" You wrote us, so we certainly aren't kidding you. But at least they plied you with vodka to help you make it through the evening.


Harbor Club Packs Its Bags For Georgica

It's one and done for the Harbor Club in Bridgehampton, which just opened last weekend and promised to "bring the sexy back" the Hamptons. What they also did is open their new club without any kind of outdoor permit or cabaret license. Our Little Birdy says, "Harbor club in Bridgehampton finished after 1st weekend of summer. Door and bar was chaos, Fire Marshall closed doors in middle of the first Friday of memorial day weekend. Fines for no outdoor permit, not being allowed to have a DJ and dancing, noise complaints etc soon followed, and after being told no DJs were allowed, the people behind it all jumped ship." A quick check of their license shows they only have a standard OP permit, which certainly won't fly with the Suffolk county folks for an outdoor nightclub. We checked in with a club rep, who confirmed that their days at the former Ziggy's are indeed dunzo, telling DBTH that after the visit from the Fire Marshall, "we assessed capacity issues and came to the following decision. After last weekends opening, we have decided, starting this Friday, May 29th, The Harbor Club will be open at its new home in the newly remodeled Georgica Space ( the old saracen)". One week of existence has to be some kind of record for shortest amount of time for a club to be open in the Hamptons or anywhere else on earth. Hamptons 2009 - catch the fever!


DBTH Poll: The Hamptons 2009

One day until Summer 2009 officially kicks off, so let's have some fun with a DBTH Poll! What a great idea!

Is your choice not listed above? Tell us how dumb we are in the comments!


The Hamptons Goes Hipster

The collapse of the financial market has decimated the Hamptons real estate market, creating value opportunities for bargain hunters. Seeing as most hipsters know a thing or two about value, Jared Flint, Mike Townsend, and Steven Rojas, the team behind the Ivy party at Chloe 81, have struck a deal for a Saturday afternoon brunch party at Sole East in Montauk. Meanwhile, Captain Matt Levine is prepping for the opening of Georgica by throwing a party in the Penthouse at the Hotel on Rivington this Friday night. What excitment! Don't worry if you haven't lined up you share house just yet, there are about 1 trillion of them still available.