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Oooh, Secret Passwords, Oooh

When it works for one venue, it is sure to be copied by another. So when the Bowery Hotel's summer soirees eschewed a guest list for a password, it was only a matter of time before other venues began to follow. A Little Birdy sent word that Above Allen is the latest to jump on the password bandwagon, sending out word to its invitees for tonight's Fashion Week Wrap Party that the password is Andy Warhol. We'll repeat it slowly in case you missed it. Andy. Warhol. The guy who's face is at the bottom of the hotel's pool. Have fun.


Fashion Week Lineup At The Gates

For those who want to know, here is The Gates full lineup of Fashion Week events over the coming days.

Wednesday September 9th

  •  11pm - Official NIMA after show party feat. music by Marc-Alan Grey and Kieren Taylor

Thursday Sepember 10th

  •  11pm - Ford Models Fashion Week Party feat. music by DJ Reach

Friday September 11th

  •  11:30pm - Carlos Campos after show party feat. music by DJ Drek Martinez

Saturday September 12th

  •  12am - Style 360 Fashion Week Party with sponsors Elle Magazine and Sephora among others feat. music by DJ Equal

Sunday September 13th

  •  11pm - Derek Lam Fashion Week after show party.

Flyer Follies: Here Comes Fashion Week

Here comes Fashion Week everybody! But after the past year's economic disaster, will we be seeing seeing a return to the glitz and glamour of 2007? Or will it be a more middle of the road experience, with an uptick in parties but produced in a subdued way? And which venues will go down at the FW hotspots for the fall? We predict the Standard will get some serious play, as well as Avenue, the Jane, the Cooper Square penthouse, and the Bowery's 2nd Floor. It's all so gosh darn exciting, we can hardly sit still.