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DBTH Poll: Lotto Dreaming

Everywhere we go, we overhear everyday folks talking about what they would do if they won tomorrow's big $325 Million lottery. But to us, it's not what we would do, but where we would do it - because after we take that lump sum of cheddars, it's party time. You're damn right! That brings us to today's DBTH Poll.

Our choices exclude some southern hemipsher spots that are obviously fun but are currently in winter. Got your own suggestion, leave it in the comments.


Pizza Still Reigns Supreme

We asked, and you answered that pizza (44% of the vote) is still the unequivocal king of late night food for drunks! We are guessing that price, accessibility and deliciousness all played a role in keeping pizza on top, and don't plan on thinking too much more about it. After all, pizza is amazing! But so is Katz's, fancy food, Chinatown, diners, etc etc, so try and spread some of your drunk love around. Just wear protection.


DBTH Poll: Your Favorite Drunk Food

We're gonna let you in on a little secret. When we drink a lot, we love to eat. Lucky for us, New York is full of amazing late night dining options. So on this gorgeous summer Friday, we pose the following question: What's Your Favorite Drunk Food? Our list is a bit general, so if we missed something, please drop it in the comments. And away we go.


DBTH Poll Rsults: The MPD Excitement Returns

DBTH asked, and you answered, with 23% of you responding that the opening of 675 Bar represented a rebirth of the Meatpacking District. Combine that with the 42% of you that thought this was at least a step in the right direction, and we have ourselves a little trend here. Obviously, additional moves towards bacchanal brunches, boutique hotels and high end retailers will destroy whatever momentum the MPD has, but we can certainly dream.


DBTH Poll: The Rebirth of the Meatpacking District

The Meatpacking District has been the butt of many jokes and a no-go zone for many months now. It simply wasn't a place that New Yorker's wanted to spend their free time or money. But along comes 675 Bar to shake things up, offering a bar that is open to everyone. No list, no bottles, no bull. And apparently, people really like it. We know of people who vowed never to return to those dreaded cobblestone streets singing its praises and now vowing to make it their go to bar.

So, we bring you today's DBTH Poll Question:

The Polls Are Open!


The End of the Speakeasy Era

New York is sick of the speakeasy! At least that's what we are gathering from our unscientific DBTH Poll, where 41% of those who votes declared No Mas! If you add in the 36% of respondents who were ambivalent about the speakeasy movement, you get an overwhelming 77% of our readership who want to see this era put down. How's that for a Cock Tease!


DBTH Poll: New York's Speakeasy Craze

Lately, we have been thinking a lot about the speakeasy scene in New York City. Each week, another blog announces yet another opening of a speakeasy, which seeks to harken back to those glory years when Prohibition was the rule and drinking was done behind unmarked doors. But those days are long gone. You can get a drink anywhere you damn please damn near any time of day. Despite this libation freedom, every basement and crawl space available is being turned into a dimly lit, small table having, jazz playing cocktail den, serving up $14 variations of the drinks of yesteryear. Frankly, we are pretty tired of it. But we wanted to ask what you thought.


DBTH Poll Results: How to Tip?

DBTH asked, and you answered! Our recent poll on How to Properly Tip a Bartender drew over 400 votes (at last count) and a lot of attention from our friends at the Times (Hi Frank!), Grub Street and Eater. After 2 days of voting, almost 69% of you said that $1 a drink is the proper amount, while a tip based off the quality of service received 19% of the votes. It seems that bartenders should not get their hopes up about bringing in more dough for slinging ordinary drinks and cracking open bottles, while mixologists should be raking in some additional cash for those delicious and more expensive concoctions. Thanks everyone for participating, even you miserly 1% who don't know what a tip is!


DBTH Poll Follow Up: The RG Speaks

Please note, DBTH readers can also enjoy some additional fun by following DBTH on Twitter. What kind of fun? Something like the above, where @RestaurantGirl opines on today's DBTH poll, wondering "what is 18% of free?" Indeed.


DBTH Poll: Proper Tips for Bartenders

A recent post by a Seattle bartender got our attention by proclaiming that the standard $1 per drink tip is no longer appropriate, saying that "If you have received adequate service, it's best to leave about eighteen percent of your total bill for a tip. If you have received excellent service, go for about twenty-five or thirty percent so the bartender knows how well they did." As in, thanks for pouring me that $14 shot of whiskey, here's another $3 for a job well done. Let's hear how you, our faithful readers, feel about this by participating in the latest DBTH Poll.


Summer 2009 - Your Plans Revealed!

Last week, we celebrated the end of winter with a special DBTH poll, helping determine what everyone had planned for the summer now that the world had crumbled around us. Well, the results are in! We even put them into this fancy schmancy pie chart above. Surprisingly, only 14% of you killed your plans due to the recession, and almost 40% of you are still planning on hitting the Hamptons and Fire Island this summer, which is excellent news for the weekend operators and share housers looking to make money this season. Thanks for playing!


DBTH Poll - What Are Your Summer Plans?

Today is the final day of winter, so it seems like the perfect time to ask you what you're summer plans are. So we are proud to bring back the much loved DBTH Poll. Let's hear what you have got lined up for the season.