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Casbar Sex Club Shut Down 

The Casbar, a sex club in the Gowanus/Sunset Park area that was profiled by the New York Times in February, has been temporarily closed by a Brooklyn judge after three undercover inspectors witnessed more than 150 incidents of prohibited sexual activity. According to a case summary, "The alleged sex acts violated Sanitary Code §24-2.2, which states, "No establishment shall make facilities available for the purpose of sexual activities in which ... high risk sexual activity takes place." The statute defines 'high risk sexual activity' as anal intercourse and fellatio. Sadly, the closure means that the Casbar had to cancel its planned sex-themed Passover seder run by the social club Kinky Jews. [NY Law Journal]

The full summary and link to the case are available after the jump.

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Save the Scariest Bar in Brooklyn!

The Local checks out the Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge in the Ft. Greene section of Brooklyn, sometimes referred to as "the scariest bar in Brooklyn". Oooooh. The bar, which is hemmed in by the Navy Yard and the BQE, has had a colorful history, including a reputation for being a whorehouse. But according to owner Steve Frankel, that reputation is no longer deserved. According to the Local:

Mr. Frankel acknowledges that he has been arrested for “backroom action,” he claims that the Cocktail Lounge has long been cleaned up, and that the bar’s reputation as a den of sin is wildly exaggerated.

Of course it is Mr. Frankel. Anyway, the building that houses the Cocktail Lounge is for sale, with rumors of a boutique hotel (what else?) being the preferred use. Our money says the NYCL will be there for quite some time.

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Bruar Falls Brings More Music to Brooklyn

Brooklyn's music venue dominance continues with the pending opening of Bruar Falls, a new music venue and "funspace" being opened by the Cake Shop team. Bruar Falls will be replacing the now closed Lucky Cat at 245 Grand Street, and will be open in the coming weeks. According to Brooklyn Vegan, the first show is scheduled for tomorrow, but the space may not be ready. No word if cupcakes will be available. [via BV]


Summer Music Fun

The Pool Parties may be over, but that doesn't mean there won't be any summer music to enjoy in New York's great outdoors. Details for Summer Stage in Central Park and the Celebrate Brooklyn series at the Prospect Park Bandshell are starting to slowly trickle out. In the BK, MGMT's announced show has already sold out, and an August date for Animal Collective has just been announced. In swank Central Park, TV on the Radio kicks off Summer Stage 2009, with a variety of programming filling in the schedule. Sadly, neither venue offers Dodgeball. Sometimes you have to sacrifice.


Hey Lox - Turn It Down

Out in the BK, the Times Local goes deep into an ongoing noise war that would make CB 3 proud. The owners of Lox Bar and Ultra Lounge have been repeatedly visited by building inspectors, FDNY and a host of other City agencies due to repeated 311 calls from his neighbors. Owner Laki “Roy” McLaurin is at his wit's end, saying “We developed this business to raise our families. When you have people who are trying to destroy that for whatever reason, you do feel upset about it. But I feel I can’t do anything about it. I can just stay within the confines of the law and do what’s right.” Often, this is not enough for neighbors, who will probably keep on calling 311 and petitioning the local CB and councilwoman, impairing McLaurin's ability to operate.

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Getting Frenchy at Brooklyn Bowl

We turn our eyes to Williamsburg, where the much anticipated Brooklyn Bowl isn't quite ready for the public. The original plan had the space opening in February, 2009, but obviously that date has passed and we still aren't rolling. Time for an update. A Little Birdy tells DBTH that the new opening date is targeted for May 1st, with the soft opening coming in mid-April. In addition, BB has teamed up with their neighbors from the Brooklyn Brewery to create a special brew for the alley, and that the first event will be a combination launch for the beer and Brooklyn Bowl. Our LB also says that the Blue Ribbon crew is testing out a French Bread pizza menu for bowlers and diners. Hot diggity. Until then, the bowling faithful will have to make due with the Gutter and Port Authority Lanes.


Get Your Sex on in Gowanus

Image courtesy of NY Times

How did we not know about this? A new sex club has opened in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. The unnamed club, run by a Mistress Wanda, "is open only on the weekends, and the cover charge will not break the bank: $40 for couples, $90 for single men. Unescorted women, who are sex-club gold, are allowed in free." Added bonus comes in the form of handy wipes for the sex stalls and free condoms! [NYT]


Rename Hop Obama

After Sixpoint's recent run in with the Fed's, we learn from the Pointer's that they plan to continue with the original Hop Obama recipe but under a different name, with Sixpoint spokesman Jeff Gorlechen telling the City Room “We have a name. But I don’t want to tell you.” We thought it may be helpful to add our own two sense, with CR commenters already having suggested "Ale to the Chief" and "Audacity of Hops". Very catchy.

So if you have any ideas, drop them in the comments and we will make sure Team Sixpoint gets them.

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