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Sixpoint Goes Special With Bark Ale

DBTH favorite and Brooklyn's own Sixpoint Ales continues to crank out the special brews in connection with local establishments. Today they have announced a new partnership with Bark Hot Dogs selling Bark Ale, a red ale that Six Point has produced exclusively for the Bark team, as well as offering all the sweet Sixpoint you can drink every Friday and Saturday night for just $15.00. That's nothing to bark at. Get it? Bark.

UPDATE: This promotion begins Saturday, September 26.


Tonight's Party at the ClockTower

Thursday night is still party night in this town. So while the event will be beyond boring, the place to be tonight is the famous penthouse of the ClockTower building in Dumbo, where David Walentas and Jared Kushner are hosting an event for some of the top real estate people in New York to debut the apartment to the industry. While we don't have much interest in hob knobbing with residential realtors, we do have an interest in sipping drinks in a $25,000,000 apartment that has 4 giant clocks on each of its walls and wrap around views of the entire city. Or maybe we will just buy it for a lark.

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Be All That You Can Be!

More fun from the Help Wanted section! The US Army is hiring a bartender for the Community Club at Fort Hamilton, which houses the the North Atlantic Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in Bay Ridge. But this job may not be perfect for everyone, since the job requires, "Skill in mixing drinks using alcoholic beverages, beer and soda. Applies simple arithmetic in calculating bills and making change." Do we smell smoke? The working conditions are not the best either, since the winning candidate may be "Exposed to cuts and bruises." But it does pay a sweet $12 an hour, and you all know what they say about engineers near a bar. Don't you?


Beer Table is So Dow 14,000

We made a trip to Park Slope for some Celebrate Brooklyn action on Friday night and popped into Beer Table on 7th Avenue. While quaint and charming, the cheapest beer in the house was $10. And it was a Six Point Bengali, which is brewed in a factory 10 minutes from the restaurant. No matter the concept, a booze list needs to be balanced for all parts of the wallet. We high tailed it out of there and enjoyed the $4 pints of Pale Ale at the Old Carriage Inn. A solid beer at a reasonable price - now that's what we call balanced!


Wine Bars and Gang Activity

We've heard a lot of funny complaints from community members about liquor license applications, but Luis Santiago from Brooklyn's Community Board 1 may take the cake. In response to veteran restaurateurs Dan Lathroum and Stefan Mailvaganam plans to open a restaurant at the corner of Metropolitan and Driggs,  Luis said, “We are trying to prevent gang activity in the neighborhood. Opening this restaurant with beer and liquor, with teenagers already going crazy here, it’s going to be an even bigger issue. I don’t think it’s a good idea for there to be tables and a cafe out on the sidewalk.” Uh, Luis, fine dining establishments with live jazz normally aren't ground zero for gang activity. What do you think this is, the Shank? [BP via Curbed]


Flyer Follies: Sam Mason Mans the Grill

This may not be the best of times for Tailor, but that won't stop Sam Mason from sharing his culinary gifts with the people. Mr. Mason will man the grill at the next Finger On the Pulse Summer BBQ series (7/29), and we are putting the word out in advance. So mark your calendars, this one is gonna be cragy.


Break In At Buttermilk Channel

Sacre Bleu! DBTH favorite Buttermilk Channel was the victim of a break in last night, with owner Doug Crowell Tweeting the news and follow up investigation. It seems that Mssr. Crowell was alerted at 5:30 this morning by his security company, and local detectives arrived a few hours ago to dust for prints. Luckily, it seems nothing was taken and that a security camera across the street captured the entire incident, with Crowell tweeting "Big surprise: he appears to be a schmuck." We are hoping for swift justice, followed by a round of celebratory Otis's.


Brooklyn Bowl Blows Minds

Although not yet open to the public, a Little Birdy has somehow managed to make it into two separate friends and family nights at Brooklyn Bowl, the highly anticipated bowling alley/restaurant/concert venue that is bound to open someday soon in Williamsburg. Our LB's first trip to BB featured delicious food, including the pizzas we heard about a few months ago, and after last night's event, our LB gushed "the brooklyn bowl is far the coolest venue i have seen in is off the charts". Not bad for a place that isn't even open yet. 


Flyer Follies: Finger on the Pulse

It's summer, so why not spend some time getting to know our old friend Flyer Follies. Finger On the Pulse's Summer BBQ Series, last summer's meatiest fiesta, returns with all new chefs to (wo)man the grill and what promises to be a great DJ lineup. The festivities kick off next week at the Hope Lounge, and will feature Gourmand Cal-Mex street food gurus, Calexico, and Lauren Flax from Fischerspooner DJ. Lucky guests may even receive some Incase iPhone gear. WOW!


Brooklyn Boasts Two New Bars

It looks like Brooklyn is poised for two new bars, both brought to you by the owners of Commonwealth. First up in Prospect Heights is Sharlene's, wait for it, named after Sharlene, a bartender at Commonwealth and partner in her very own space. Congrats. Next is High Dive, opening in the former Lighthouse space on Fifth Avenue in the Slope. A real Brooklyn bar empire in the making. [GastroChic]


Say Hey with The Otis

Yesterday, we ventured out to Carroll Gardens to enjoy a leisurely brunch at the very crowded and very lovely Buttermilk Channel. Of particular delight was the variety of Bloody Mary's on the menu, including the Otis, which is about 60% traditional Bloody (buddy), topped off with a healthy pour of Six Point Otis stout and a shot of Jameson. Delicious. Don't ask us why it tasted so good, just take our word for it.


The Bed Stuy Cocktail 

From a DBTH reader comes a recipe for the Bed Stuy cocktail, which is:

  • 1 sloppy pour of rum (~2oz) (preferably Capt Morgan)
  • 1 can worth of malt liquor poured from a 40 oz
  • 1 lime wedge squeezed vigorously

It's called the Bed Stuy "because that's where I drank it". Also, our mixologist tells us "I was not to sober when I 'invented' this", so the recipe may not be exact. Happy drinking!