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Jane Fills The Nightlife Void

Speaking of Purple Magazine, founder Olivier Zahm hit his personal diary recently with this pic, saying "Since Beatrice had to close, the bar of the Jane Hotel fills the nightlife void".


Quick Hits: Monday Afternoon Is Popping

Whoa! What was that? QUICK HITS! Lots of goodies to report on from around the way, so let's get to it.

  • Is it officially over for the Bea? According to Page Six, the answer is a resounding Yes, with NIMBY's lined up to do everything in their power to prevent our little girl from ever re-opening. Sounds bleak, but perhaps their is some light at the back of that little dark room. A Little Birdy on the inside told DBTH recently that it may not be curtains for the Beatrice, so flame away if you want, but we hold out hope. [P6]
  • Our main main Steve Lewis sits down with Genc Jakupi to talk about how amazing the Box was, is, and always will be. As for people who have to wait, well, everyone waits or pays the consequences. Is it just us, or do his interviews break some kind of world record for the most statements and fewest questions? So it's not just us? [BB]
  • Mr. MePa has the juice on what to expect from the Meatpacking District 3.0, including the planned retractable roof on Provocateur, and the 18th Floor Standard cocktail lounge that is coated in gold. [GSNY]
  • Speaking of gold, have you heard about this new hot spot, Goldbar? Did you know Lenny Kravitz loves it there? What do you mean you do? That's old news? You don't say? [NYT]

Things We Miss

We miss our old friend Beatrice. Its been way too long since we got to hang out together, and despite rumors of a comeback, we fear that we may never get the chance to hang out again. Even if it does happen, there's the chance that things just won't be the same. Sigh.


NIMBY's Attack Beatrice Inn


Things for the Bea went from bad to worse in the course of 3 hours, as West Village NIMBY's went all 4th grade art class on the exterior. Stay classy West 12th Street! [Eater]


Sad Times for the Bea

Weeks after proclaiming that the Beatrice Inn would arise from its shuttered state like a dancing Phoenix, our favorite old girl has yet to open for business. One Little Birdy with more than a bit of snark writes:

I walked by good old Bea last night to see it completely dark with a large plastic trashcan still guarding its exclusivity which seemed to have been carelessly thrown down those holy stairs that once embodied everything to hate about NYC nightlife. What a shame, this must be really heartbreaking to those across the river in Williamsburg. Unfortunately, I was only at Bea' once because my jeans were never tight enough, my shoes never bright enough and my penis never small enough.

Zing. Adding to the misery, last night's rumored Save the Beatrice party II at the Bowery Hotel never came together. Misery does indeed love company. At least we have the Chelsea.

[Photo Credit]


Save the Beatrice Invades Cooper Square

The much discussed Save the Beatrice affair did indeed take place Friday night in the penthouse of the Cooper Square Hotel. The Beatrice Inn staff spread the word Friday afternoon to regular patrons to come by the glassy box tower on the Bowery for some old school Beatrice fun, albeit in a much more modern space - complete with a wrap-around balcony and amazing views. Here's how one Little Birdy summed it up:

It was the usual debauchery with the penthouse taken over. There was free drinks at the bar an in he bathtub. people were peeing in the showers and dancing on the wrap around terrace. It was really fun. Angelo and Todd only let in people they knew.

Click to read more ...


Quick Hits: Thursday Wake Up

Time for an edition of Quick Hits! You know the drill.

UPDATE: Now with Save the Beatrice t-shirt photo, courtesy of @MikeNouveau!

  • The Bea will reopen sometime next week, meaning that the rumors that "it was being seized and would not reopen as the Beatrice Inn" were not true. Our national nightmare is over. [P6]
  • Tracy Westmoreland, the owner of the now deceased Siberia Bar, is poised to open his next venture Manhattans at 769 Washington Ave. in Prospect Heights. Why call it Manhattans? According to Westmoreland, "Hipsters call the city the Manhattans, the name grew out of Brooklyn". Knowledge. [NY Press]
  • Finally, the Sunburnt Cow will be closed for a spring cleaning from April 13-15. Not to fear, it's its boozy $18 all you can drink brunch will return in time for the weekend. [DBTH]

More Beatrice Inn Updates

More information continues to leak out following last week's closure of the Beatrice Inn, so here goes.

  • The Observer's Daily Transom discovers the DOB complaint, showing the Bea was 38 people over capacity at the time of the raid, had an illegal PA system  PA Violations, and lacked adequate egress in case of an emergency.
  • The DT also discovers that Beatrice owes some $23,000 in fines due to various stop work order complaints
  • Finally, a commenter writes: "I was across the street for a very late lunch around 5 and watched police breaking down the door. They said it was being seized and would not reopen as the Beatrice Inn."

All of this adds up to not being very good news. While some on the Beatrice staff thought they could reopen this week after settling some of these various issues, it seems as if the authorities are dead set against shutting it down for good. Sigh. We await the final verdict.


Beatrice Calls On Uncle Stevie

After unfortunately being shuttered because of capacity issues this weekend, Uncle Stevie says that Beatrice Inn owner Paul Sevigny reached out to him late last night to say "that it was actually building code violations". Paul says to expect a "Save the Beatrice" in the coming days.


Breaking News: Beatrice Inn Shuttered Again

The rumors we heard yesterday turned out to be true. Our favorite little dancing den, the Beatrice Inn, has once again been shut down. A Little Birdy writes, "why is beatrice closed? gate up lights out closed. it's friday night." We can only assume it is related to some crackdown by DOH or FDNY (smoking related), but have emailed management for an update. We will certainly keep you posted.