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An Evening At: The Chelsea AC

Seeing as our presence was required at the Jersey Shore for the weekend, we made a point of popping by the Chelsea Hotel on Saturday to see how Atlantic City's newest and only non-gaming hotel was faring during its first full season. As you recall, our visit to the 5th Floor last summer led to some wild times, but the crowd was entirely bussed down from NYC, creating an "us vs. them" vibe between the Beatrice crew and the Shore rats that are looking for a serious party every weekend. As we predicted, that plan never really took off, so the Chelsea wisely threw that plan out the window, bringing in more Philly promoters, in association with the SKY Group from NYC, to try and liven the place up.

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On the Circuit: Dusk at Caesars AC

We skipped the opening of DJ AM's new club Dusk at Ceasers in Atlantic City this weekend because, well, we just didn't want to go. Fear not, however, because none other than Arthur Kade holds down the fort in his first installment as DBTH Special Correspondant:

"When we got to the entrance of the club, I was introduced to the GM, Kevin, who couldn't have been nicer and more professional, and we were escorted in as a group. I shook his hand, and he was super cool, and told me "Anything you need, you let me know", and then gave me his card, and I appreciated this treatment because people understand that I have become one of the most powerful opinions in nightlife and trends in the country, and people like him make the experience of being a rising celebrity more fun, and he also checked on our group several times during the night. Most clubs come and go, but good management makes them roll, and I am happy that he went out of his way to treat me and my group like VIP's.

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The Roll of a Lifetime

The holiday weekend was more than just glitzy parties and barbecues, it was also about setting records. A woman who was playing craps for just the second time in her life broke the record for the longest craps roll in the history of recorded gaming on Saturday night at the Borgata in Atlantic City, rolling 154 times in 4 hours and 18 minutes. This obliterated the previous record of 3 hours and 6 minutes set in Las Vegas in 1989, and crushes the DBTH record of 7 seconds recorded every time we try our luck. No word on total amount won, or if she celebrated by popping bottles at mur.mur, but it may be the sign we all needed that we are going to all make it.


The Chelsea: Take 2

The Chelsea in Atlantic City opened to strong reviews last year, but the economic downturn surely battered their financial projections. Heading into summer #2, where a beach hotel hopes to maximize its revenue, the Chelsea is tinkering with its hospitality program. They have reprogrammed the famed 5th Floor by introducing the Cabana Club, which strives to bring the Vegas style pool club to Atlantic City. The 8 cabanas are still in full effect, but they have been spruced up with plasma's, mini-bars and Play Stations. The pool area also now has a full DJ booth and performance stage, perfect for a relaxing afternoon by the sea. The indoor game room and lounge have been combined into a single room that can be closed off for an event or opened into the outdoor deck to create a larger venue. Will these changes and an attempt to lure a more Philly/South Jersey client base spell success for the Chelsea? Who can really know, but these are strong steps to keep luring new clients away from the Borgata and Water Club.