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The DBTH Happy Hour Rules

Thursday is, in our humble opinion, the perfect day for Happy Hour. The week's almost over and everyone is ready to kick back and have a few pops, knowing full well that they aren't going to put in a full effort on Friday anyway. But how do you pick the location? You could just pick the closest bar to the office, but closest does not always mean the best. So we decided to come up with the DBTH Happy Hour Guidelines to help guide your decision making.

  1. The bar should not be further than a 3 block walk from the office.
  2. The bar must have a happy hour special that goes until at least 7:00 PM, but 8:00 PM is preferred.
  3. The special must be a real special (2 for 1). $1 off domestic drafts doesn't cut it.
  4. While a bar with food is not mandatory, the option to order food is a bonus.
  5. Outdoor space (see #3)

Follow these rules, and you are sure to get a solid turnout resulting in drunken good times. And just maybe, some shenanigans.


Jagermeister Revolutionizes the Cooler

Who hasn't had one of those Jagermeister nights at a bar or house party? We certainly have. Well, the folks at Jagermeister want to keep the good times rolling by introducing Jagermeister 6 bottle shot cooler, which comes complete with six 750ml bottles and 50 shot cups. All you need is ice, and presto, a Jager party or tailgate that is sure to lead to blackouts, fights, and all around good times! They must have had 6 NASA scientists working on this thing - it's genius! Just don't let those Philly fans get their hands on this before a Giants game.


Comment of the Day

In response to the Nightlife Preservation Committee's election plans:

why not position nyna to be the author -- and enforcer -- of a reasonable alternative that pro operators can live with? many of the clubs that are getting picked off, like avalon, deserve it. they either didn't have the money to do a pro job of it, or didn't care to. responsible operators, and clubgoers that are out to have a good time instead of dealing or fighting, are better off without them. 27th street, while a good concept, was executed poorly and served only to get everyone pissed off at the "nightlife industry." nyna could have had a role in preventing the "club mall" from becoming a shitshow but missed that opportunity. and it's hardly fair to criticize me for wanting to drop my suggestion in the box anonymously when the general counsel of nyna refuses to post under his own name.


Here Comes the Breslin

New York gets the goods on the Breslin, the upcoming restaurant and bar from Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield, at the Ace Hotel. Beyond the always amazing food that April and chef de cuisine Peter Cho will provide, the Breslin will deliver a most excellent bar program. Some of the highlights:

  • Two bars — one downstairs, and a smaller, semi private mezzanine bar that seems comparable to the 3rd Floor of the Pig.
  • 100 wines for under $100 a bottle. Apologies to South Africa, Chile, Australia, and Argentina: They are all from the Northern Hemisphere.
  • A custom cask ale from the Northwest.
  • Playful twists on classic cocktails.

The theme is hard core gastro pub that is delicious on the tastebuds and easy on the wallet. And with gorgeous interiors from Roman and Williams (who also did the Ace), expect it to be easy on the eyes as well.


RIP Josh Link

Last night, Josh Link was killed in a motorcycle accident on the Williamsburg Bridge. A friend of Josh's asked DBTH if he could say a few words in memory of his friend.

Last night a lot of us lost a true friend in Josh Link to a tragic vespa accident on the Williamsburg Bridge. He was a man with a true soul and spirit that touched many people that may read this letter. He was 29 years young, a brother, a son, a DJ, a teacher, a voice of reason, and if you ask anyone that knew Josh, one of a kind in a city and world that is very special. This is a nightlife blog and Josh was nightlife, the genuine and real side to it if you know what I mean. He made this whole thing we do, "make sense" He made going to work and making music the true joy, he'd walk into the room and people would smile from ear to ear. He just had that way about him to make us all feel good and safe. I wrote this because I didn't know what to do after this devastating news of the loss of our friend. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones. DBTH is good about posting things and we are all guilty of being silly with the blogging, but, last night is a Reality Check. Enjoy life.

We are leaving the comments open for if you care to share any memories.


LES and MePa Keep Going

The renaissance of both the Meatpacking District and Lower East Side continue. Long after both neighborhoods ascended to their zeniths of cool and had been left for dead after their apparent demise, they continue to attract new money to help redo joints that failed when the music stopped the first time around. Today's examples?

  • The Daddy and Bowery Boogie get the jump on Los Feliz, a multi-level tequila and tacqueria on Ludlow that will soft open this Friday. In an anti-Esquina manner, it seems the top floor will offer food and drinks, and the further down you go, the more private it becomes. Eventurally, you'll arrive in the back room where, "under chandeliers as a DJ spins the perfect margarita-flavored soundtrack." We aren't sure if that means Jimmy Buffet or what. The place is brought to you by the LES powerhouses behind Spitzers Corner, so expect some way above average food. We hope. [UD/BB]
  • Metromix sits down David Graziano (Bagatelle, RDV, Kiss and Fly) to get the juice on his latest project, Gansevoort 69, in the former Florent space. DG says they will keep much of the feel of the old space, with some modern touches, including a possible roof deck next door for private events, as well as a discount card for employees who work in the area. What you should be most excited for? G 69 will be clean, since Graziano felt Florent had "a sense of dirtiness". [Metromix]

Cool Down At Pacha!

Thank God that Pacha reopened, because we've been craving some $70 pitchers of frozen margaritas!



The Eldridge Soldiers On

A Little Birdy had sung rumors of problems at the Eldridge, so we went right to the horse's mouth to get the low down. According to owner and visionary Matt Levine, things could not be going better. He tells DBTH:

We have opened up additional nights now that the summer is nearing an end, so we have brought in a new manager, promoted within to manage these nights at The Eldridge. Much of our staff went out East to Georgica for the summer, and will be returning come September as well. With Fashion Week blooming, VMA Weekend, and expansion with our company, ML Creative Group, and accomplishments of The Eldridge, and as well as employees growth - our events, projects and overall success has grown, and I am pleased to announce bringing in extra qualified hands to assist with everything. Our door staff has remained the same since we opened with Naeem Delbridge and Shakara Singh. We have also had the same DJ line-up, as well as majority of the same staff which shows amazing consistency in an always-changing revolving industry.

Got that? Levine also confirmed that the 'Dridge is now open on Mondays after their usual summer hiatus, and he has brought over Michka Bengio (from Le Royale and Le Souek) to handle a few nights at both the 'Dridge and LEVANTeast. In this topsy, turvy world, In Levine We Trust.


NPC's Big Joke

Last week, the Nightlife Preservation Community announced their "attempt to swing the election towards four candidates who are in very close races." Noble effort all around. The only problem is their candidates have almost nothing to do with nightlife! The Comptroller is the CFO of New York City with absolutely no legislative authority, the Public Advocate is a relatively toothless office held over from a previous era that acts as the ombudsman of City government, and both Council candidates are from outer boroughs, including one from the Forest Hills section of Queens. Who in this movement even lives out there? The kicker is that the elected official from each council district is usually the only vote that counts, with the rest of the council following their lead. So while the effort is nice, the NPC's plan will not bear fruit. What is needed is more transparency in the licensing process (a State issue) and limitations on the Community Boards to impose arbitrary restriction on restaurants and bars. But since the CB's are feeders into the Council, good luck getting these candidates to go along with it. But hey, they love your money and votes, so yay nightlife!


Be All That You Can Be!

More fun from the Help Wanted section! The US Army is hiring a bartender for the Community Club at Fort Hamilton, which houses the the North Atlantic Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in Bay Ridge. But this job may not be perfect for everyone, since the job requires, "Skill in mixing drinks using alcoholic beverages, beer and soda. Applies simple arithmetic in calculating bills and making change." Do we smell smoke? The working conditions are not the best either, since the winning candidate may be "Exposed to cuts and bruises." But it does pay a sweet $12 an hour, and you all know what they say about engineers near a bar. Don't you?


Violence Ruins Weekend Revelry

The weekend was marred by a pair of downtown murders, brining back memories of the bad old days of New York City. In the East Village, Eric Pagan, a bouncer at Forbidden City, had decided to head to the bar to grab some tools at 4:30 Sunday AM on his day off. According to reports, Pagan "joined a group of people outside the bar looking for a lost set of keys, . . . A dispute began as several of the men searching for the keys were grazed by a passing white Nissan Quest . . . The men on the street angrily yelled something at the driver, prompting him to stop and his passengers -- three men and a woman -- to jump out and start attacking them." One of the attackers then returned to the car, grabbed a gun, and began to shoot, hitting Pagan in the head and killing him. Meanwhile, at the South Street Seaport, what was supposed to be a late night party cruise never set sail due to overcrowding. According to DJ Stanly Darius, "It started when a girl was hit in the face with a bottle, and then it turned into a full on brawl." One of the instigators left the boat and returned with a gun, shooting party promoter Omar Trent, who died soon after. These incidents reinforce the need for caution while enjoying everything this city has to offer.


Mexico One Ups Bolivia

It is now legal to carry small amounts of every narcotic for personal use in Mexico. The limits are 5 grams of weed, half a gram of cocaine, 50 milligrams of heroin, 40 milligrams for methamphetamine and 0.015 milligrams of LSD. And yes, you can carry all of them at the same time, meaning you can have one hell of a party. Take that Route 36!