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  • Strippers, they're just like us! Blackbook has the lowdown about where they go out and it turns out...they hate promoters, and frequent the Box, Apotheke, Johnny Utahs, Niagra...we're all for diversity, but make sure to test that "between jobs" thing before getting between the sheets [Blackbook]
  • Hyped-up and cooled-off Delicatessan has gotten some kudos from Travel & Leisure for design, meaning it is considered one of the best designed restaurants in the world. It joins the likes of the TKTS booth in Manhattan [Grub Street]
  • If you are planning to BYO for V-Day or cook for your significant other, take these wine suggestions - there are options for foodies, those on a budget, and wines for just chocolate [Urbanite]
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hey speaking of BlackBook--

can you do us a favor ? i know Joshua David Stein is your Best Boyfriend Forever, so can you ask him if the "Karion" troll she-idiot on Gawker is REALLY the ex-coworker he had sex with and then wrote about for Page Six Magazine ??


February 11, 2009 at 10:08AM | Unregistered Commenterabbe diaz

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