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See Ya Socialista

It's time to shed a tear for Socialista, Armin's Cuban themed lounge on the West Side Highway. According to Page Six, the club ran smack into a bevvy of smoking fines from the Health Department, and when they tried to pay, the DOH said "Where's Giuseppe Cipriani? He's on the liquor license. He has to be here." Cipriani is apparently hiding out in Uruguay, hoping that the storm surrounding his tax troubles blows over. With it's slick design and star studded ownership, Socialista was a success right out of the gate. But management issues, an unfortunate Hep A scare, and isolated location knocked its legs out from underneath, making its closing just a matter of time. 

We know who lost, but are there any winners?

The big winners in all of this are hoteliers Sean Macpherson and Eric Goode, who can now lay claim to all of the hospitality spaces in their unique little baby, the Jane Hotel. The dynamic duo never liked having to share the hospitality space with Socialista, especially since the restaurant was troubled from the get go. They can now formulate a new concept for the spaces, and once their renovations finish, hope to make the Jane Hotel another smashing success.

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Reader Comments (5)

Good. This place is truly awful: crappy hipster kid crowd, & lame DJs. What happened to NYC nightlife when places like this are considered the cool?

January 26, 2009 at 11:18AM | Unregistered CommenterHater

this place was not a success out of the gate? it was always empty...

January 26, 2009 at 12:40PM | Unregistered Commenterwasneverhot

i heard the new bungalow 8 bathroom attendant is the old socialista doorman. Since he destroyed socialista by being a tool, does this mean B8's bathroom is going to close too?

January 26, 2009 at 08:36PM | Unregistered Commentertom byron

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