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The Beatrice Inn Lives On

The Observer went right to the State Liquor Authority to discover that despite community protests, the Beatrice Inn has had it liquor license renewed. Unless a violation occurs, the Beatrice Inn have its doors open until at least August 31, 2010. Why did the SLA approve when the local Community Board gave a negative recommendation? It turns out that the Beatrice has not violated the terms of its license, which is a prerequisite for nixing a renewal. Go figure. It's nice to know that the SLA is considering the manner in which a business operates as the basis for license approval, rather than its neighbors opinions of said business.

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Reader Comments (2)

Actually, the State Liquor Authority slipped the Beatrice's renewal through BEFORE the Community Board's recommendation was submitted and, indeed, well before the August 31st renewal date. Typical state government operations: no concern for local needs or proper procedure; only seeking the licensing fee.

Moreover, time for public comment was violated by the Beatrice's strategic move of "laying over" it's July Community Board hearing until the next month, when it was too late SLA-wise.

September 25, 2008 at 11:00PM | Unregistered CommenterWest Villager

the new york state liquor authority has a fine against the club for 'civil penalty' dated september 19 2007 - public record.

September 25, 2008 at 11:25PM | Unregistered Commenterresident villager

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