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Inside The Rusty Knot

Behold! A Continuous Lean supplies some quality images from the Rusty Knot, Ken Friedman and Taavo Somer's much discussed and admired nautical bar on the West Side Highway. ACL says, "What we found when we arrived was pleasant (granted we went fairly early and on a Monday) and accommodating. No huge crowds, no bridge and tunnel. I suspect everyone in the bar was a blogger of some sort. At least from the quantity of coverage the “dive bar” has been receiving, that would be a logical assumption. We quickly managed to score one of the wooden booths (faux wood carvings and all) and got to work on some very well made Dark N’ Stormys served in tiki glasses. The menu was limited, but very well done." Here, here!

But what follows is really the perfect description, "I like to think of it more as working-class meets Threes Company. I was expecting to see Mr. Roper hanging out at the bar." Go and knock on their door.

Dark N' Stormy in a Tiki Glass

Bar food.

All photos courtesy of A Continuous Lean

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